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FNaF: Chip Off The Old Endoskeleton (AKA FNaF: COTDE) is an extremely hard FNaF game. It has 5 very hard nights, 20+ rooms, and aggressive animatronics.

Old Animatronics

Freddy (no eyes, led by Nanogressive 2.0)

Bonnie (only endoskeleton with eyes falling out)

Foxy (in perfect condition)

Chica 2.0 (missing left eye, endoskeleton showing on face)

New Animatronics

Catty the Rocker (missing drums)

Kara (dolphin)

Stevie (spider)

Koko (tiger)


Main Lobby (Camera 1)

A large room with broken pots, torn tapestries, and drawings. The drawings are from kids. They read: Freddy and Foxie r bezt!, Coco and Stevy seng liek proz, and Goe Katty! Goe Bonny! It is very common to find Stevie (who isn't very hostile), sitting down on a chair looking at the drawings


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