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Five Nights at Freddy's: The Forgotten Souls

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NOTE:This is not connected to the real FNAF timeline at all. It is another universe.

FNAF: The Forgotten Souls is a game were characters such as Freddy, Bonnie and Chica are back, in a different way. This shows the forgotten souls of the Five Nights at Freddy's World.

What's New?

The Souless Animatronics

These are the new animatronics (Well so called) that appear in the game. The Souless animatronics look like a mix of Phantom, Shadow and Nightmare Animatronics.

Movable and Zoomable Cameras

The Cameras get an upgrade! You can choose if the camera moves left or right and you can zoom in and zoom out!


The office has two doors that are like the ones from the first FNAF game, but you can turn around and then there's another door and 2 vents. The two doors from the front have Windows that facing the front side and the door behind you has a window on both sides. You also have you laptop (or whatever it is) to look on the cameras.


Souless Freddy

No description

Souless Bonnie

No description

Souless Chica

No description

Souless Foxy

No description

Souless BB

No description

Souless Plushtrap

No description

Souless Fredbear

No description


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