Five Nights at Freddy's The Good Old Days (Other wise known as Fnaf: TGOD or Many Nights at Fredbear's Remains) Is the 3rd fan game made by Agentpman1.


The horror continues once again. This time, however, with a completely different plot. You only have until 7:AM this time to survive. With only One door, 15 cameras, and a mask to survive, you must stay strong and survive 5 nights. However, the animatronics are the least of your problems.


Old Vandal

Old Vandal is the main antagonist of the game. He'll start getting active on night 3. He'll start of in the storage room, and then move to the other rooms. If he is near your door, open it, and flash your light at it


Snowy is one of the new animatronics in the game. She is the second animatronic to become active. She will first become active on early night 2. If she gets near your door, like old vandal, flash your light at.

The Rabbit

The Rabbit is the fourth animatronic to become active in the game. He starts on later night 1. Unlike Old Vandal and Snowy, You can't get rid of him by flashing your light at him at your door. You have to wait for him to get into your office, and wear the Freddy mask the second you first see him. He'll first become active on night 4.

Toy Vandal

Toy Vandal reappears in this game, as the first animatronic you see. He will only become active on nights 1,2, and 3. After Night 3, he will be re-located to another restraunt, and won't be seen again. He is now named "Toy Vandal" Permanently.


Fred makes a re-appearance in this game, but he is unwithered. He will only become active on night 5. He has a blue top hat and tie. He is the final animatronic to be active.

Game Mechanics


You now have a one door. You can use this to keep animatronics out of the office. Though when an animatronic is next to it, you have to open it, shine a light on it, and close it again. This works for every animatronic except for The Rabbit.

Freddy Mask

The Freddy mask returns in this game. If an animatronic gets into your office, you must wear it as fast as possible, before they notice you. This works for all the animatronics except FRED and Old Vandal.

Phone Calls

Night 1

"Hello? Hello? Uh.. Hi there! Welcome to your first night at the new Restaurant, Fred's Arcade house! Uh..Now uh...Here's what you have to do. Check the cameras, make sure none of those dumb teens mess up the place. All that. Now uh..The animatronics, in no surprise, do get a bit twitchy. Like that hasn't happen a lot. Heh. Anyway, There are also the older animatronics from the older locations in the storage room, but I'll talk about them tomorrow. Anyway, The Animatronics shouldn't harm you, so don't worry about them. Oh and by the way, There was a small..Incident with one of the animatronics the other day Don't worry. It wasn't anything bad! Just a major malfunction! But they will be just fine. The only thing that's gonna happen is the animatronics acting a little twitchy. So don't worry About them. Anyway, thats all for today. I'll tell you more about the Parts and Service room tomorrow! Anyway, see you tomorrow! "
―Phone Guy

Night 2

"Hello? Hey there! Night 2! Good job! Now, as a promised, we shall talk about the animatronics in he parts and service room. Those animatronics were scrapped for separate reasons. The Dog was scrapped because the kids would always mess up his cloth and stuff. And the Rabbit was scrapped because of....Well...reasons. But it's not important now. Anyway, They shouldn't become active, nor twitchy. So Don't worry! Now then. See you tomorrow! Good night, and good luck!"
―Phone Guy


*Although All the original animatronics are either active, or just props, The only animatonic that hasn't appeared in the game was Vandal. Ironically, the main antagonist, Old Vandal, is based off him. Vandal does, however, appear in one of the minigames.

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