Chapter 1:The " Fun " Begins

" 10:00 pm, closing time. " Said Bonnie the Bunny as he walked toward the doors to let the night guard come in. But he didn't come. " What? This can't be right. " Bonnie was confused as to what day it was. Wasn't it Monday? If so, why didn't Mike come like usual, did he retire? No, they just got enhanced eyesight. Besides, they were best friends with each other! " Freddy, what day is it? " asked the curious purple bunny. Freddy Fazbear replied, " Friday. But we're on vacation! " " That reminds me! " shouted a familiar voice from the safe room. " I need to finish packing my bags. Puppet, Goldie and I are going to travel around the world in a train! " said the chartreuse jackrabbit Springtrap. " Oh, and so is Plushtrap. " " Yay! " said Plushtrap. Golden Freddy chimed in, " If you wanna come, you can! We're gonna eat tacos, and pizza, all that stuff! " " Did somebody say eat?! " shouted the yellow chicken named Chica from the kitchen. " I'm coming too! " Not long afterward Puppet stepped in. " Has anyone seen Foxy? Or the toy animatronics? I was just looking for them but then they vanished. " No one knew where they were. But suddenly they heard kissing from Pirate's Cove. Then they found Foxy and Toy Foxy making out. " Yar! " Foxy shouted. " Can't Toy Foxy and I have some hook-to-hook time? ALONE?! " Suddenly there was a loud radio wave sound. " Okay, who let in R2-D2? " commented Springtrap. Suddenly Toy Bonnie came out of Pirate's Cove and showed the animatronics the radio. " Listen! " he shushed. The radio person said this:This is breaking news:Two criminals are out and they are turning people into BABIES! Will someone do something about this madness?! Want description? Some say they are a bunny and a bear. Other people say they have white eyes, and some even say one is damaged and one isn't. One is purple and another, black! WILL SOMEONE STOP THESE FIENDS?! * zap * The fiends they are. The animatronics were horrified. all except Puppet. I know who they are. but that is for another time. Come on! Let's get to the train station before they do! Springtrap? " Yes? " he responded. " Where's our first stop? " Puppet asked. Springtrap replied, " Mexico! Come on let's move it! " Little did they know, two other people were there. Hiding in the shadows. " Fazgroup, prepare to feel the wrath of the darkness! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHUHUHUUUHUUUUUUUUUHAHAHA! "

Chapter 2:Fazbaby Train Ride to Mexico!