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Five Nights at Freddy's v2.0 is a remake of Five Nights at Freddy's that attempts to improve and finalize the game.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a bug where you can constantly loop a jumpscare by rapidly pulling up the camera.
  • Fixes a bug where Foxy's jumpscare is cut off when the power goes off. Instead, the jumpscare just plays and the power doesn't cut out.
  • Fixes a bug where Freddy and another animatronic can jumpscare at the same time.
  • Fixes a bug where the camera can be pulled up during the power out.



  • Freddy Fazbear closer in The Dining Area
    Freddy Fazbear now has a second position on the Dining Area camera, where he's closer as a silloutete. This is similar to Bonnie and Chica's second position.
  • Freddy Fazbear's laugh can be heard very clearly in the Kitchen when on that camera and Freddy is in the kitchen.
  • On Custom Night, Freddy can leave the Show Stage even if the animatronics are set to 0 but he's set to a higher level.
  • Bonnie's close up in the Backroom Camera constantly flickers to a No-Eyes to Endoskeleton Eyes.
  • Chica has been slightly downscaled in the Dining Hall camera, first position.
  • Golden Freddy is now on the Custom Night menu.
  • Golden Freddy can randomly appear in The Office on later nights (and set above 10 on the Custom Night menu).


  • The Show Stage camera is deactivated on Custom Night.
  • There is a broken camera above the Bathroom camera that will never activate.


  • Foxy banging on the door does not drain power.
  • The static is now more implied.

Extra Menu

The Extra Menu is a new part of the added content in the update.

You can look at the animatronics, but it only works on Freddy and Golden Freddy, as the other three don't. You can also look at the jumpscares, which features the full scream. Unlike Five Nights at Freddy's 4 with Nightmare, Golden Freddy's jumpscare is in this menu.

The final option is cheats, where you can put on special cheats.

  1. Fast Nights, self-explanatory.
  2. Aggressive, self-explanatory.
  3. Radar. Unlike Five Nights at Freddy's 3, this is similar to the Cheat Mode from Mobile. Golden Freddy can also be sensed in The Office or the West Hall Corner camera.

Custom Night

Custom night lll