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Five Nights at Freddy's - The Diner is a prequel to all Five Nights at Freddy's games. This game is set in Fredbear's Family Diner. 

Five Nights at Freddy's - The Diner

The Diner
Platform(s) PC
Engine Mutlimedia Fusion
Developer Scott Cawthon & TonicHedgefox
Genre Point and Click
Theme Horror
Preceded by Five Nights at Freddy's - Fredbear Factory



  • The Office - The Office has one door in the middle of the room, with a button for the lights and open/close. There's also a picture of Freddy and you can press his nose to make the BOING noise.
  • Show Stage - The Show Stage is where Springtrap and Golden Freddy starts.
  • Dining Area - A simple place with tables, Springtrap and Golden Freddy come through here.
  • Bathrooms - A place only accessed by Golden Freddy.
  • Safe Room - This room is a room only accessed by Springtrap, also the start point for the Endoskeleton.
  • Primary Hall - Golden Freddy, Springtrap and the Endoskeleton have to come here to get to your office.
  • Kitchen - Camera disabled.



Golden Freddy Fazbear

Golden Freddy makes his return in Five Nights at Freddy's - The Diner. His design is an edited version of him from the first game, but he seems more tattered and dirty. His hat and bowtie are a bright blue aswell.

Golden Freddy only becomes active on any night after Night 3 (like Freddy). His path is from Show Stage -> Dining Area (-> Bathrooms) -> Primary Hall -> The Office Blind Spot. The moment he enters the Office Blind Spot, close the door on him as quick as you can or he will disappear and jumpscare you once you pull down the camera.


Springtrap returns in a less broken form, with both of his ears back and no wires sticking out. He also has Golden Freddy's eyes.

Springtrap is active on every night. His path is from Show Stage -> Safe Room -> Dining Area -> Primary Hall - > The Office Blind Spot. Springtrap comes into the office and stays there until you pull up the camera (so he can kill you) or close the door (where he will fled back to the Dining Area).


The Endoskeleton makes his first hostile appearance in The Diner. He starts in the Safe Room and follows the path Safe Room -> Primary Hall -> The Office Blind Spot. If you pull up the camera while he's in the blind spot (with door opened ofcourse), he'll kill you once you pull your camera down.

Shadow Freddy

Shadow Freddy returns as a darker version of Golden Freddy from the first game. He appears in the office on occasions, he'll appear more frequently on later nights. If you don't pull the camera up quick enough he'll kill you and crash your game.