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This is the Emerald CustomStuff version of FN@F3. It is a collab between Scott Cawthon and Emerald CustomStuff.


Old Ones

  • Freddy
  • Bonnie
  • Chica
  • Foxy

New Ones

  • Showtime Freddy
  • Rockster Bonnie
  • Cook Chica
  • Captain Foxy
  • Gamer Guy


  • Undead (An unaturally tall thing that wanders around the resteraunt that is colored Black making him hard to see)


Show Stage (CAM 1A)

This is where Showtime Freddy, Rockster Bonnie, and Cook Chica start. It is the main attraction of the resteraunt.

Pirate's Cove (CAM 1B)

This is where Captain Foxy starts. This area is well visited and respected.

Parts/Service (CAM 1C)

This is where the Old animatronics start. It is only inhabited by the staff.

Mascots Only (CAM 2)

This is where Undead starts. He is just a lifeless black person that moves around. Only Mascots are allowed here. Showtime Freddy, Foxy, Chica, Rockster Bonnie, and Bonnie come through here.

Dining Area (CAM 3A)

This is where food is eaten. All animatronics come through here.

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