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It's a new pizzeria, so popular it has it's own TV show! What could go wrong, with $10 a night and super high-tech animatronics? We'll see...


New Freddy Fazbear

Freddy is the star of the show, and the mascot of the pizzeria. He is a beige bear with a grey top hat, bow tie, and microphone.

Polo the Bunny

Polo is a light green bunny, with an even lighter green belly. He is BFFs with New Freddy. Polo starts moving on Night 1. His path to The Office is Main Stage (CAM 01)>Dining Area>(CAM 02)>Playground (CAM 03)>Main Hall (CAM 04)>Left Vent (CAM 05)>Jungle Corner (CAM 06)>Right Hall (CAM 07)>The Office.

New Bonnie the Bunny

New Bonnie is an aqua blue bunny with blue eyes and an orange bowtie with matching buttons and a yellow drum.

Fluffy the Cat

Fluffy is a light gray cat.

New Puppet

New Puppet is a puppet in your office helping you. He makes a certain noise when somebody is getting close, and that scatters the other animatronics around the pizzeria.


Night 1

  • Polo starts getting active at 1 AM
  • New Foxy is always active tonight

Night 2

  • New Bonnie starts at 1 AM
  • Polo starts at 12 AM
  • New Foxy starts at 1 AM

Night 3

  • New Freddy starts at 2 AM
  • New Bonnie starts at 12 AM
  • Polo: 12 AM
  • New Foxy: 12 AM
  • New Chica starts at 1 AM

Night 4

  • New Freddy starts at 1 AM
  • New Bonnie: 12 AM
  • Polo: 12 AM
  • Fluffy starts at 1 AM
  • New Chica starts at 12 AM
  • New Foxy starts at 12 AM

Night 5

  • New Freddy: 12 AM
  • New Bonnie: 12 AM
  • Polo: 12 AM
  • Fluffy starts at 12 AM
  • New Chica: 12 AM
  • New Foxy: 12 AM
  • FredBear: 1 AM

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