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Fnaf dlc

Five Nights at Freddy's : Downloadable Content (abbrivated as FNAF:DLC) is a extension to all Five Nights at Freddy's games (including fanon) that can add downloadable content to the games. This includes modifications and expansions to already existing things.

SOMETHING I'D LIKE TO NOTE: Please do not call the Puppet/Marionette as "The Marionette", it's name has been offically called Puppet.


These are teaser images for later DLC packages.

Five Nights at Freddy's

The Old Diner

This downloadable content adds extra features or changes things in the original game to look like Fredbear's Family Diner.

  • Freddy and Bonnie are replaced by Golden Freddy/Fredbear and Springtrap/Spring Bonnie.
  • When you use the cameras there is a chance of a hallucination of Shadow Bonnie's face glitching in the screen appearing.
  • The posters of Freddy and Bonnie are replaced by posters of Golden Freddy/Fredbear and Springtrap/Spring Bonnie.
  • There are secret minigames that you can acess by clicking in some hidden posters or by other ways.
  • The original Golden Freddy is replaced by Shadow Freddy.
  • The pizzeria looks older and more like a diner.
  • The endoskeleton from FNAF1 in the table in the Backstage is replaced by the endoskeleton from FNAF2. You can also find other secret characters like JJ, Paper Pal, Paper Bonnie and Paper Freddy.
  • The normal cupcake is replaced by it's golden version.

Cobalt Freddy

Adds Cobalt Freddy to the game (he is blue freddy with cheeks and a bowler hat and endo eyes) Cobalt Freddy can appear in any room, start's in kitchen, run's down east hall and enters in east door.

extra features

  • gives all animatronics toy design (chica has beak and eyes)
  • replaces freddy with cobalt freddy on celebrate poster
  • when you honk cobalt freddy's nose it plays deep xscream (cobalt's noise) and makes cobalt freddy get closer but all animatronics slower.
  • foxy no longer bang's on door, trait taken by cobalt freddy.


It's currently unknown if Scott intended to add error_1 as a DLC pack for Five Nights at Freddy's. It's not availible on the DLC page.

HOW TO UNLOCK: To reveal the entry, you have to click the lamp in the office, the letter "T" in the CELEBRATE! poster, and the cobweb on the right doorway. If you did this correctly, the desk fan will turn off. Next, you have to check Pirate Cove. No animatronics will attack you at this time. Keep checking Pirate Cove. (WARNING: DO NOT SWITCH TO ANY OTHER CAMERAS, OR IT WILL NOT WORK!) Eventually, a message will pop up in the middle of Pirate Cove saying "error_1" and a button with the word "Purchase." Click the button that says "Purchase" and the DLC will be automatically added to your game, and will take effect immediately.

Once you have the DLC, you can toggle between error mode and regular mode in-game by clicking on Chica in the CELEBRATE! Poster. During error mode, the office will appear pixelated and blue-ish. All animatronics are replaced with a grey pixelated square and the words "not found." They still behave like regular animatronics, and can kill the player. 

If you try to check the cameras during Error mode, the main cameras will all be replaced with the pixelated animation that plays at the start of a death minigame in FNAF 3. There are 3 other cameras that can be checked. "CAM a_" will take you to a picture of the Prize Corner from the Second Game, except the Puppet's box is blacked out. "CAM 45454545" will take you to a picture of the Purple Man with red eyes standing in the FNAF 1 Show Stage with Freddy. "CAM L" will take you to a solid white screen. Occasionally, you can see the Puppet in this area.
Office error

The Office during Error Mode.

Preset in Stone

Preset in Stone adds presets to Five Nights at Freddy's' Custom Night, similarly to the presets found in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Each preset has a certain reward for beating it, like a star or a plushie for your desk. The plushie share the same look as the downloadable plushies on mobile devices. As a bonus, downloading this will also allow you to change Golden Freddy's AI, which changes how commonly he appears as a poster in West Hall Corner.

Plushies in the Office (1)

All plushies unlocked.

Presets include:

  • The Fast and the Sneaky: Freddy and Foxy are 20 while Bonnie and Chica are set to 0. Beating this will give you the Freddy Plushie.
  • Freddy, Freddy, Freddy, and... Bonnie?: Freddy and Golden Freddy are 20 while Bonnie is 10. Shadow Freddy is also added as an easter egg, appearing in CAM 5 sitting in the middle of the room. Beating this gives you another chance at getting the Freddy Plushie.
  • Starters : Bonnie and Chica are at 20 while Foxy is at 5. Beating this gives you a Bonnie Plushie.
  • Chicken Mayhem : Chica is set to 20. Beating this gives you a Chica Plushie
  • 20/20/20/20 : Every animatronic is set to 20 excluding Golden Freddy. Beating this gives you a third star.
  • 20/20/20/20/20 : Every animatronic is set to 20. Beating this gives you a fourth star and a Golden Freddy plushie.


This DLC adds several new locations to the game.

New Rooms

  • Storage: Room located behind Backstage, home to props from FNAF2 such as the carousel and the boxes found in the Prize Corner. They are all in poor condition, withe paint either chipped off them or very faded. Also noticeable is the Puppet's Box in the background, with computers from the FNAF2 Office. next to it.   
  • Entrance and Exit
  • Loading Dock:

Spring-Lock Animatronic

Springtrap Left Side Office

Springtrap peeking into the Office.

Springtrap is added to the game. His starting point is unknown, and he seems to travel everywhere. He can enter both sides of the office, he'll peek through on the left side of the Office or he'll appear for a brief second on the right. This modification also works on FNAF2.

Small Modifications

  • Freddy's Nose changes all the sounds to the sound that plays when you press Freddy's Nose. This excludes jumpscares and ambient noises.

A Night at Freddy's Digital Comic DLC

This DLC adds Digital Comics to the game, which you can read on the monitor by clicking the floor twice. Also, you can unlock "Comic Stars" which are stars you get for being brave enough to read a book while robots are trying to murder you.


error_FNAF4 game not found

error_FNAF4 game not found is a DLC that changes the game dramatically. The animatronics will be completely replaced by the Nightmares, and even worse, the Nightmares will have their same coding, making the game virtually impossible. They cannot appear on cameras, N. Foxy can come through the wall, since there's no closet, N. Freddy can attack from behind, left and right, like usual, and the only characters you even have a chance at stopping are N. Bonnie and N. Chica.


This DLC adds back content that was originally going to be in FNaF but was eventually cut from the game. Bonnie is now similar to Foxy and must constantly be watched in the Show Stage camera or he will quickly dash down the hall into the player's office. The player now has a limited amount of lives and if all are lost the player will get a gameover and have start the whole game over. The player starts off with three lives. Freddy will also now only move when the power goes out.

The Whole Gang

In this DLC, all FNAF 1-SL animatronics are here with different attack routes. Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica & Foxy have the same movement patterns they did in the normal game. Golden Freddy has the same movement and jumpscare, but he no longer crashes the game. Freddy instantly appears at the Left Door upon a power outage and has his power out jumpscare if the power is on or not. The rooms cam numbers have been rearranged.

Balloon Boy: Starts in the Dining Area and will make his way to the East Hall and E. Hall Corner before coming into the office, skipping the blindspot and heading straight in, disabling your doors and lights. Close the door when he's at the corner and he'll bang on the door and head back to the Dining Area.

Mangle: Starts in an unknown place and can teleport between the Dining Area, Pirate Cove, Kitchen (indicated by radio static), West Hall, and W. Hall Corner. Close the left door to prevent her from getting in and hang from the ceiling. Pulling up the camera will trigger her attack.

Springtrap: Has an unknown starting location and can be seen teleporting between the Dining Area, Supply Closet, Backstage, and both halls and corners. If you see him in either blindspot (indicated by the close music from FNAF 3), shut the door.

Phantom Balloon Boy: Randomly appears on the Show Stage camera. Quickly look away or he'll pull down the camera and attack. He kills you despite being a Phantom.

Phantom Foxy: Randomly appears on the left of the office. Quickly flip up the cameras to avoid him lunging at you. He kills you despite being a Phantom.

Nightmare Fredbear: Has an unknown starting place and acts just like FNAF 4, running around the halls and the doors must be used to stop him from getting in. He doesn't appear in the blindspot or corner. If you hear his deep laugh, then he teleported inside the office. You must open your cameras again to get rid of him.

Funtime Freddy: Has an unknown starting place and only appears on the corner cameras. He'll run between corners and act just like FNAF:SL Custom Night. When he yells for Bon-Bon to attack, shut the door. If he yells a surprise, shut the opposite door.

Ennard: Has an unknown starting position and can teleport between both halls and corners, Supply Closet, Backstage, Dining Area and Restrooms. Close the door when he's in the blindspot (indicated by odd distorted speech) to stop him from getting in.

Ballora: Ballora has an unknown start position and only appears in the corners. However, you know she's in the corner by that corner camera being covered in static. She behaves like FNAF:SL Custom Night by approaching a door and you must close that door when her music is VERY loud.

Lolbit: Lolbit doesn't appear on any cameras, but behaves like FNAF:SL Custom Night by appearing on the three monitors in the office. Then she blocks your vision but unlike FNAF:SL, you can still use your cameras. Type LOL on the keyboard to get rid of her. If the pop-up stays in your face for too long, you die (for some reason).

Yenndo: Doesn't appear on any cameras but acts like FNAF:SL Custom Night by randomly appearing in the office and the player must pull up the cameras to get rid of him.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Puppet Advanced

The Puppet, as soon as he exits the Prize Corner can now be seen on multiple cameras, dashing to the player.

His path: Prize Corner > Show Stage > Game Area > Main Hall > Party Room 2 > Office Hallway > The Office

More Animatronics

JJ, Sh. Freddy, Sh. Bonnie and Endoskeleton are now actual enemies that can kill you !


JJ starts in the Game Area, standing to the right of BB. Then, she takes the following path: Show Stage > Main Hall > Party Room 4 > Main Hall > The Office. Once in, the player has exactly one second to put on the Freddy Mask when she hides under the table; if failed, she will not be repelled. After pulling up and lowering the Monitor, she steals the Freddy Mask, making it impossible for the player to win unless they're close to 6 AM. She first moves on Night 5. Upon being succesfully repelled, she returns to Party Room 4 and her cycle repeats from there.


The Endoskeleton behaves like a mix between the old animatronics and the toys. He starts nowhere. In fact, he can't be seen on camera until 2 AM, at which point he will spawn in the Prize Corner. He then moves to Kid's Cove, the Show Stage, the Main Hall, Parts/Service, the Main Hall again (closer), Party Room 4, Party Room 3, and the Office Hallway. After that, two things can happen:

  1. The Endoskeleton simply behaves like Toy Freddy and leans in the doorway. Don the mask when he leans in. Why ? The difference between him and T. Freddy is that he will kill once in the Office.
  2. The Endoskeleton crawls into the Left Air Vent (skipping Party Room 1 completely). He can't be seen by the blindspots. If noticed with the camera, put on that mask !

When succesfully repelled, he returns to Parts/Service and his cycle repeats from there.

Shadow Freddy

Shadow Freddy starts in Parts/Service (DUH.). He then goes to the Main Hall, skulking in the Mens' Restrooms. He then proceeds to Party Room 1, then the hallway outside the Office. Keep the flashlight on him for 6 seconds or he goes for the kill. Upon being repelled, he returns to the Main Hall and his cycle repeats from there.

Shadow Bonnie

Shadow Bonnie starts in Kid's Cove, barely visible. After that, it goes to all four party rooms and attacks from both vents. Then, it appears to The Office's left. Put on that mask, or it'll fade out, and jumpscare the player 4 seconds later.

Toy Freddy Advanced

This pack makes Toy Freddy a bit more advanced, as he can now appear in more areas than usual. His new path is Show Stage -> Game Area -> Main Hall -> Party Room 4 -> Hallway -> The Office. He also seems to move backwards sometimes.

Bonus Features

  • Freddy is no longer fooled by the Freddy Mask, so the player must pull up the camera instead to avoid him.

Balloon Boy Advanced

This pack makes Balloon Boy a bit more advanced, as he can now appear in more areas than usual. His new path is Game Area -> Main Hall -> Party Room 3 -> Party Room 1 -> Left Air Vent -> Office. He doesn't make as much sounds anymore.


This pack brings a new animatronic to replace Mangle, it's her fixed version called Vixen. She has the same pattern as Mangle, but when she gets in the Office, she instantly jumpscares you.

Animatronic Swap

This pack makes the Toy Animatronics (excluding the Puppet and BB) start in Parts/Service and have the same disrepair as the old ones do normally. (save mangle that is now just wires every where, and halved faced.) The Toy animatronics have the same paths with the except of starting point and the old animatronics start at the show stage and Foxy starts at Kid's Cove (renamed Pirate's Cove). The old animatronic designs now are altered to look like their Five Nights at Freddy's 1 counterparts and they follow the same rules as the Toy Animatronics, other then swapped locations. Golden Freddy now acts like a mix of FNAF 1 and The Return to Feddy's 1 replacing the freddy plushies with Golden Freddy plushies in the prize counter and crashing the game if you don't put the mask on.

Bonus Features

  • The "Celebrate!" posters along the the other posters around the pizzeria have now changed.
  • Freddy's eyeless screen is replaced by the bloodshot-eyed Freddy from FNAF.
  • The storyline is altered heavily. Here, the Toy Animatronics came after the Fredbear animatronics.
  • This also adds the "It's Me" Hallucinations.
  • Foxy like the others is altered to make him look like his FNAF1 counterpart, except in EXTREMELY better condition only a tiny tear in his hand.
  • The Show Stage is altered to be the same as in FNAF 1 (except the Banner reading 'Happy Birthday')
  • The Freddy head is now a Toy Freddy head (it doesn't affect gameplay)
  • When ever Freddy moves, he plays his various laughs from FNAF
  • Instead of Phone guy saying "The tried to remake Foxy, ya know?", he says "They remade Mangle, ya know?"
  • Mangle's static now corrupted, backwards, and garbled
  • Chica now visits the hallway
  • The S-A-V-E-T-H-E-M Minigame has changed 
  • It can be used in FNAF 1
  • If the date on the PC is 10/30/XX Bonnie is a Fnaf 1 Jack-o-bonnie, Chica is a fnaf 1 Jacko-Chica, Mangle is Nightmare Mangle, and the Puppet is Nightmarionne

Springtoy Goldentrap Foxy

It adds Springtoy to FNAF2. He goes through every room, and can find loop-holes in you defense in no time flat. You have to lead him away with Audio.

Bonus Features

  • Phone Guy uses a loud speaker instead of Phone.
  • Sprintrap and Golden Toy Foxy replace Freddy and Bonnie on Celebrate!! poster.
  • Jeremy is replaced by Mike from the first game.

Springtrap down da hall

Springtrap down the hall, as seen in a teaser image.

Spring-lock Animatronic

This pack adds Springtrap to Five Nights at Freddy's 2. He starts in the Parts and Services and slowly slinks into the Office. he can take the vents too.

Toxicity Meter

The unused mechanic found in FNaF 2's files is now apart of the game. You can now only wear The Freddy Mask for a couple seconds or else the player will die.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Power Outage Mode

Power Outage Mode adds a button to the main menu/title screen in the top right corner that says Power Outage Mode: OFF, you can turn it on by clicking on it, if the mode is on and you start playing the game, there will be a power bar in the top left corner, if you run out of power by using the camera too much or maintenace panel, the power will go out, and it will become completely black for a few seconds, and you will hear Springtraps footsteps, then in the middle of the screen, Springtrap will appear, peeking out from the bottom, flashing his eyes, also playing a distorted Toreador March.

FNaF3 PowerOut2

Springtrap in the power out sequence, his eyes empty, click this to see the picture better.

Extra Features:

  • Springtrap will sometimes have empty eyes in the cameras, only very rarely though, although you can activate it for the rest of the time the game is open by entering "emptyeyes" into the menu that appears if you rapidly click on the button that turns on the mode.
  • Phantom Freddy or Unphantomed Freddy if you also have that pack might play a very quiet Toreador March sometimes.
  • If you rapidly click on the button that activates to mode, you are taken to a screen that says "enter secret codes here" and you will be able to type, there is a cancel button in the bottom right corner that you can click on to cancel it and remove it.

Unphantomed Freddy

Unphantomed Freddy removes Phantom Freddy and replaces him with a real animatronic with the exact same design. Like Springtrap, he can go into every room and he's distracted by audio but unlike Springtrap, he can't go through the vents. Once he reachs the Office, he'll walk outside like Phantom Freddy, and duck down if stared at for too long. If he's stared at for too long, he will duck down and appear in the doorway. Ignoring him will not make him duck down, which means it'll take him longer to get to the doorway. His jumpscare is the same as Phantom Freddy.
Phantom Freddy outside of the Office 2

Unphantom Freddy staring into the Office.

Extra Features

  • Phantom Freddy on the Extra Menu has been renamed to Unphantom Freddy.
  • Phantom BB makes noise now. He does a deeper version of normal BB's laugh.
  • Unphantom Freddy makes a noise aswell. He does a deeper version of Freddy's laugh.

Shadow Freddy

This pack makes Shadow Freddy (from the Office) more agressive, he'll jumpscare the player if stared at for too long. To defend, look away. His jumpscare is the exact same to Golden Freddy's from Five Nights at Freddy's 2, but with this Shadow Freddy design. When jumpscared, all the systems are down.

Extra Features

  • On rare occasions, Golden Freddy's head from the second game can appear on the camera in the static. It's very faint, so it's hard to see. (based off of a clip from Markiplier's video.)

Disco Mode

NOTE: Joke-pack. This pack adds a new cheat found in the Extra menu, called Disco mode. You can only have this cheat on standalone.


  • Animatronics cannot kill you, their jumpscare has no effect.
  • The Office flashes random colours.
  • Maintenance Panel removed, as errors aren't a thing.
  • Who Likes to Party (by Kevin Macleod) plays.
  • Minigames removed.
  • Phantom Chica, Phantom Puppet and Phantom Mangle always appear on camera.
  • Phantom Freddy has an endless walk.
  • Springtrap always moon-walks.


We're Back Mode

We're Back Mode is a DLC for FNAF3 in which all of the Phantom animatronics are real. They all have specific behavior:


Freddy can start anywhere from CAM 7 - CAM 10. He cannot go into the vents, and he acts very similar to Springtrap. He can be distracted while walking in front of your office.


Chica always starts on CAM 8. She usually takes the vents to get to your office, and can be moved to other vents using the sound.


Foxy always starts on CAM 7. He will not enter the vents and he will make his way to CAM 2. Once on CAM 2, you must lure him away. If ignored, he will run across the hallway and jumpscare you through your door.


BB starts on CAM 10. He can take the Halls and the Vents. When in your office, he will jumpscare you without killing you, and this will disable all the lights in the building.


Mangle will not kill you, she will instead appear in the hallway and draw all the animatronics closer to you.

The Puppet

The Puppet goes through the vents exclusively, and can sometimes be seen on certain cameras rushing to a vent. He can be distracted with noise in the vents.

Phantom Extension

This pack adds more Phantoms into the game, and extends other phantom's AI.


  • Phantom BB will not appear on CAM 07, 04 and 08.
  • Phantom Freddy is nolonger fooled when you pull up the Matience Panel.
  • When the camera isn't up, you have 4 seconds to pull it up before Phantom Freddy attacks (if he's walking outside).
  • Phantom Foxy cannot be ignored.
  • Phantom Mangle now appears on the extra menu.
  • Phantom Mangle has a rare chance of jumpscaring the player from the inside, instead of just peering in. This disables all devices.
    • Her jumpscare appears on the extra menu too.
  • Phantom Puppet has his typical design on CAM 08 now.

New Phantoms

  • Phantom Bonnie looks like Bonnie from the first game, but with no legs or arms (similarly to the design on CAM 02). It also has the burnt texture.
    • Phantom Bonnie will be triggered on CAM 02, where the Bonnie there will disappear, and later reappear as Phantom Bonnie, who'll later jumpscare the player.
    • Phantom Bonnie appears on the Extra Menu, along with his jumpscare.
  • Phantom Golden Freddy replaces the Golden Freddy that rarely appears on the left side of the Office. He has that design but with the burnt texture.
    • When he's in the Office, you get jumpscared by his floating head.
    • Appears on the Extra Menu, along with jumpscare.
  • Phantom JJ (Phantom Balloon Girl) is a minor phantom, and name is fan-made. She appears peering in the Office from the door. Has the same design as Phantom BB but a bright pink glow.
    • Doesn't appear on Extra Menu.

Poor Mike

This pack adds a blue-colored figure to the minigames that has a 45/65 chance of appearing.

  • The Intro Ad is dated 06/04/2017, which is except for the year, the oppisite of the first game's release date.

True Nightmare

This DLC pack Adds Withered Versions of the Toy animatronics:

Toy Freddy:Toy Freddy is missing his right forearm and his left ear he is missing his lower jaw and has some rips on his casing revealing part of the endoskeleton his left eye is broken He starts in CAM 10 he will then head throughout the location to get to the office sometimes he will use the air vent in CAM 12 to get the office the player must seal that in order to thwart his attempt.

Toy Bonnie:Toy Bonnie is intact but he is missing his right eye which has wires in its place he has several rips on his torso and right arm he is missing the top of his right ear he starts in CAM 8 with Toy Chica he is a pretty minor threat the audio must be used to lure him away.

Toy Chica:She is the least damaged the most damage being around her legs she starts in CAM 8 she is pretty slow so she isn't that much of a threat.

BB:BB is intact as he is mostly dusty from 30 years of being stored away he starts in CAM 9 he is a small threat as he is kinda fast.

Mangle:Mangle's design is the same as before except she has a little more damage she starts in CAM 7 on the ceiling.

Puppet:Puppet works in a special case as the audio is used to lure him away from the office.

New Mechanics

Window Door:Works on Phantom Freddy and BB.

Toy Freddy mask:Works on Toy Chica Toy Freddy and Toy Bonnie and BB.

Horror Madness.

This DLC adds Buck From TNAB and the Circus Baby's Pizza World Gang into the game.

Buck:Buck's appearance is his TNAB 1 appearance but with some rips on his shoulders he starts in Camera 10 he must be lured away with audio if the player has the True Nightmare DLC he can be fended off with the Mask.

Circus Baby:She replaces Springtrap she acts like him but in a special way in that she doesn't go in the vents she starts in CAM 10 with Buck the mask works on her.

Funtime Freddy:Funtime Freddy starts in CAM 7 he is fended off with the Mask.

Ballora:She starts in CAM 9 she must be lured away with the audio she still plays her music box when she moves the mask also works on her.

Funtime Foxy:She starts in CAM 7 with Funtime Freddy she is fended off with the mask.

Bidybab:She uses the vents and starts in CAM 10 she is fended off with the mask.

Lolbit:Lolbit is a actual animatronic she starts in CAM 5 and must be watched in order to prevent her from moving she is also fended off with the mask.

Minirenna's:They sometimes shut off the cameras so they are a minor threat.

Yenndo:He starts in CAM 08 he is lured away with the audio.

Bonnet:Bonnet starts in CAM 6 she is very slow but on Night 5 she is dangerous she is fended off with the mask.

Bon-Bon:He acts like Bonnet but the opposite being like Buck times 2 he starts in CAM 6 he is fended with the mask.

Electrobab:He starts in CAM 9 he is pretty slow the mask works on him.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Withered Freddy

This adds Withered Freddy to the game. He attacks from the Right Hall, but starts in the Left. He makes footsteps when getting to the Right Hall. To ward him off, you must close the door once he gets into the Right Hall, then you should here Freddy's laugh but broken and distorted. That means he's gone. Rarely, Withered Freddy appears in the Closet.

The Puppet

The puppet - I mean The Puppet is added and so is a music box. Just like in FNAF 2, you have to wind the box in order to keep the Puppet away.

Freddy Fazbear

Adds FNAF 1 Freddy to the game. He starts at the end of the Right Hall. If you hear his laugh, close the door. If you do, he'll teleport to the other hall. Do the same thing to keep him out. If hear his laugh in the Bedroom, there's nothing to worry about. It was a trick laugh.


Adds FNAF 1 Foxy to the game. He starts in the Closet, but doesn't attack from here. If you hear him running, go to the Left Door and hold it shut. If you see him in the Right Hall, flash him with the light to get rid of him.


Adds Springtrap to the game. He starts in the Kitchen. If you hear him moaning, hold the door shut. If you hear his footsteps, that means he entered the Closet. Hold the closet doors shut 'till he goes away.


Adds BB to the game. Starts in the West Hall. If you hear Hello?, hold the door shut. If he gets in, he'll steal the flashlight's batteries.


Adds Mangle to the game. She starts in the Closet and sits there making loud radio static. Hold the closet shut to ensure she doesn't get out and kill you. The radio static makes it harder to hear breathing and other noises.

Power Outage Mode

Adds a button on the Extras screen. Pressing it will make you have limited power for the Flashlight. It is shown by a bar in the top left-hand corner, like FNAF 2. If it runs out, the Flashlight powers off and you're defenseless. Then you hear footsteps and running footsteps as Nightmare Freddy appears on the Bed, Nightmare Bonnie/Jack-o-Bonnie Nightmare Chica/Jack-o-Chica and the Nightmare Cupcake/Pumpkin at their respectful doors, and Nightmare Foxy/Nightmare Mangle in the Closet. The Toreador March plays as the animatronics' faces light up. Then they're faces start lighting up in different places. Then the lights go out as you hear them approaching. Then the 5 characters jumpscare you. There are other ways to make them kill you without the lights going out.

Nightmare Freddy: (Bed Jumpscare): Attempt to use the Flashlight on the Bed. (Bedroom Jumpscare): Try to flash the light in the Bedroom 3 times.

Nightmare Bonnie/Jack-o-Bonnie: (Door Jumpscare): Run to the Left Door and attempt to use the Flashlight. (Bedroom Jumpscare): Turn to the Bed, look at it for 5 seconds, then turn back around.

Nightmare Chica/Jack-o-Chica: Run to the Right Door and attempt to use the Flashlight.

Nightmare Cupcake/Pumpkin: Turn to the Bed, look at it for 10 seconds then turn back around.

Nightmare Foxy/Nightmare Mangle: Turn to the bed and look at it for 15 seconds. You will be forced back around then jumpscared.

Nightmare Fredbear has his own version if he's after you. When you run out of flashlight power, you will hear footsteps and his laugh. His face lights up in the Left Door while the Toreador March plays. His face will light up in different places. The lights go off then Nightmare Fredbear jumpscares you.

Nightmare/Nightmarionne do to. They're power outage is the same as Nightmare Fredbear, but they appear at the Right Door. The lights off and then they perform their kill screen.

The Sassiest DLC Ever!

Note: This DLC is a joke.

The Sassiest DLC Ever! is a DLC that adds public domain dialouge of characters being super sassy. They replace the normal noises of FNaF 4.

Five Nights at Freddy's - The Diner


This pack changes Golden Freddy's design to look like his second game counterpart. His jumpscare is now changed to Freddy's from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 aswell.

Extra Features

  • Springtrap's eyes turn black and red during his jumpscare.

Five Nights At Springtrap's

Phantom Slender

Slender now is in FNAST, but as a Phantom. He is twice as fast, and has a chance to start in the Office. He then unboots the system, and reset. If you stare at him to long, you will die.

Extra Features

  • Phantom Freddy does not attack you.
  • New hallucination, the hallucination includes Slender replacing Freddy on Celebrate!! poster.
  • System reboot 10 percent faster.

Eight Nights at Tonic Lobby


Journey to the Past

Supersonic Speed

  • Your character moves super fast, regardless of who you're playing as.
  • Two characters have extreme jumping ability.
    • Ironically, Mariah now has horrible jumping, but is the fastest.

Five Nights at Xavier's

Child Friendly

This DLC adds a Child Friendly option for the game. Turning it on will do all these to your game.

  • Slows down jumpscares and mutes the jumpscare scream
  • Removes all blood and censors all mentions of blood as well as removing all swearing and replacing it with a Freddy honk
  • The entire area is set in daytime


This DLC unlocks some 8 bit skins for the characters.

Five Nights at Fazbear Funhouse: Remastered

  • Back from The Dead: Adds back Jeff, Toy Springtrap and Sheldon from the original Five Nights at Fazbear Funhouse.

Five Nights At The Diner 3: The Golden Guys

The New Withered animatronics

  • This DLC added Withered New Fredbear and Withered New Springbonnie.

Five Nights at Freddys PC GAMA DISK GAME


The Game's Cover


Freddy FazBears Pizza

play in FNAF1!

Toy FazBears Pizza & Joy

play in FNAF2!

FazBears Fright

play in FNAF3!

Toy FazBears Fright

play in FNAF3 but more happy and joyful! this makes all the characters happy!

Five Nights at Freddy's: Chibi Location

This DLC makes the game have a much cuter and more kid friendly art style and the nights aren't as hard. The jumpscares are the same though.


First you have to download it, obviously. Then you must complete every custom night setting on every difficulty setting. After all that, you deserve a break.