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Five Nights at Freddy's  Animatronic Hunt 1 is a survival game and a new series form FNAF


The Office This is the where all the Animatronics go to hunt down Rubio Jewels

Show StageEdit

This is where all the old animatronics (v 1.0, 2.0) start slowly making there way to the Office

Party Room 1Edit

This is where the Puppet and Mr. Puppet start and this time he uses no music box

Party Room 2Edit

Mr. Dragonfly (Knifejack) starts out here slowly making his way to the Office

Party Room 3Edit

This is where Mr. Dragonfly and Mr. Puppet past through here when heading to the Office


The 1.0s past through here sometimes looking at the camera and laughing

East HallwayEdit

Foxy and the Mangle pass through here to go to the Office

West HallwayEdit

Balloon Boy starts here and never moves unless watch for too long

North HallwayEdit

This hallway is right outside the Office and all animatronics come through here


2.0s stop here sometimes laughing and staring at the camera

​The KitchenEdit

Freddy and the v1 and 2 past through here eventually stopping when Knifejack passes

Pirate's CoveEdit

Foxy starts here along with Mangle


Versions 1.0





Golden Freddy

Versions 2.0Edit

Toy Freddy

Toy Bonnie

Toy Chica


Foxy 2.0


The Puppet

​New AnimatronicsEdit



Mr. Puppet



Nig​​ht 1Edit

  • Introduced
    • All the 1.0s
    • Mr. Puppet
    • Knifejack
  • Strategies
    • Look at the Show Stage
    • Look at Show Rooms
    • Look at Pirate's Cove
    • Repeat

Night 2Edit

  • Introduced
    • Golden Freddy
    • Versions 2.0
  • Strategies
    • Repeat same strategy from night 1
    • Look at the Supply Closet
    • Repeat

Night 3Edit

  • Introduced
    • Speedlock
  • Strategies
    • Do strategy from night 2 and look at the entrance
    • Then the Show Stage
    • Don't lower monitor when hearing noises

Survival HuntEdit

Walk around the restaurant while trying to escape only the new animatronics.

Be ThemEdit

This mode you get to hunt Rubio Jewels as one of the animatronics, however if the camera catches you, you have to restart from the beginning.


  • The Freddy poster in the Show Stage will turn to Golden Freddy
  • Mr. Puppet will show on the screen
  • Knifejack will appear in black and white
  • After death Speedlock would smile


  • Balloon Boy now has a jump scare.

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