Five Nights at Freddy's Circus is the third game in the Five Nights at Freddy's series (let's pretend it is). It's an indie point-and-click horror game where the player is a night security guard in the new Fazbear Circus and must try to survive five nights by avoiding getting killed by the animatronics. Chronogically, this game follows Five Nights at Freddy's with a brand new reopening of the franchise in the form of a circus. There are new areas, new animatronics and new strategies.


Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Circus! After the failure all of the franchise's pizzerias got in the past, we decided to take some time to find a way to keep the franchise going on and don't make the little kids that love these animatronics and pizza so much be sad.

After several years since the last restaurant was closed down, we are reopening with the help of a Japanese franchise, but this time, it's not just a pizzeria but a big circus. We've got brand new designs, animatronics and different attractions for the kids and adults to enjoy, oh and don't forget the pizza! Both the pizzeria and the circus are mixed up and you will be guarding the whole place from your office in the pizzeria. As for the new animatronics, the circus has an area called The Zoo where Mona the Monkey makes her debut and teaches the children about animals and let's them play in animal-themed games. She used to have a buddy but he malfunctioned and is now in disrepair.

The Aquarium is a big area where people can see different kinds of fishes and other aquatic animals. Willy the Walrus appears here as a guider throughout the place and is programmed to tell jokes. Other new animatronics help the main Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny and Chica the Chicken in the main circus, such as Coco the Crocodile, Dan the Dog, Leo the Lion, Rex the Dinosaur and The Magician. Foxy is back and has his own, new pirate attraction. So enough talking about the new stuff, just make sure nothing goes wrong by checking these cameras, use your flashlight to lighten the window and see if something weird is there and remember that your office's door is mechanical, so you must manually close it by pressing the button and open it again or either you will waste energy.

That's it, good luck and remember... Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for death or dismemberment.


In this game, you will play as William Harrison, the new night guard. Unlike in the other games, William works in a much smaller office. You have a big computer screen in front of you where you are able to monitor the cameras. You are equipped with a flashlight, and you have a new option that gives you the ability to hide under your desk. Since it's a small office, there's only the desk and monitor you have in front of you, you have three arrows: one pointing downside (allows you to see behind you, as the door is behind your default range of vision) and two pointing at the sides (one allows you to check the left window, and the other the right window).

The hiding move can be performed by clicking on the blue button below, however, not all animatronics will be tricked by this. Another difference is that now you have 4 lives, if you lose them all you will have to start all over again, making the game harder than the others. The player has to be quicker with strategies, because now you have to switch between ranges of vision to check windows and the door, instead of being able to see the whole office from one distance.

There are much more cameras than in the other two games, as you have to check both the restaurant's cameras and the outside cameras where you watch outside and inside the circus areas and see if the animatronics are about to approach the restaurant. There's also an animatronic that is able to teleport into the office after being seen in the windows.

Unlike in the other two games, in FNAFC when checking cameras you can actually see the animatronics slightly moving instead of just staying in one position. Also, now you get currency after clearing a night (the amount depends on how well the player does) and you can use it to update your energy. A theater option is displayed on the title menu after completing all nights, to watch the cutscenes that happen after clearing the nights.



  • William Harrison
  • "New" Phone Guy


Name Design Description Behavior
FNAFC Freddy
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy's design hasn't changed much since the last time the animatronics were seen. However, he got a little cleanup, a new top hat with a red stripe and now he has rosy cheeks and two buttons on his belly. The mascot of the franchise, Freddy Fazbear is loved amongst children and likes to sing to them. He is the main singer of the Freddy band and one of the main animatronics in the circus shows. He is a bear animatronic. TBA
FNAFC Bonnie
Bonnie's design has changed quite a bit. He gained little white eyebrows, rosy cheeks, two buttons on his belly like Freddy and his eyes are now green. He has more bunny-like teeth too. One of Freddy's pals, he is the guitarist of the band as well as a singer. He's also one of the main animatronics in the shows. Bonnie is a bunny animatronic.
Chica's design is more noticeable on her face and her bib. She now has eyelashes, as well as rosy cheeks like the others. Her beak is darker in color and her bib now reads "Let's Party!" instead of "Let's Eat!!" Chica is a friend of Freddy, she's Freddy's backup singer. Chica also performs in the main shows along with Freddy, Bonnie and others. She's a chicken animatronic.
Foxy has got a cleanup like the others and has been completely repaired. Now his endoskeleton is not shown and his costume is full. Unlike the others, Foxy now has clothes. He now wears a pirate hat as well as a red belt on his waist, above his beige pants. Foxy is a friend of Freddy's band. He is a pirate that likes to "travel throughout  the seas" and entertains the little mateys by telling them his pirate journeys, Yaaargh!. Foxy likes to sing a lot too. He's a fox animatronic.
Mona is a new animatronic. Mona is very girly and likes fashion things. She wears a pink bow, has rosy cheeks and pink lipstick. She wears a tied pink blouse and blue shorts. Mona appears in The Zoo area, where she entertains the children with interesting animal bio and tells jokes. Mona also allows the kids to play animal-themed games, such as riddles. She is a monkey animatronic.
FNAFC Tigore
Tigore is a new animatronics that is now out of service. Tigore wears a red scarf, and cowboy-like belt and trousers. In the area where he starts, a cowboy hat can be seen on the floor near him, implying that he's supposed to wear it. He's never seen wearing it though, and the hat remains there the entire game. Tigore used to be part of The Zoo attraction along with Mona, but one day he malfunctioned and started saying strange and evil sentences with an odd voice that creeped out the kids. He wasn't scrapped after this, but after he went out of control and attempted to attack the children. After this the staff decided to scrap him and lock up his servos. He is a tiger animatronic.

Willy the Walrus is a new animatronic. Willy wears a little round black hat, a red tie and white gloves. He also has rosy cheeks. He's a very elegant animatronic.

Willy appears as the guider in The Aquarium area. He guides the children and adults throughout the aquarium and talks about the kind of aquatic animals seen there. He also tells various jokes. His role is very similar to Mona's, but he only talks about fishes and other underwater animals. Willy is a walrus animatronic.

Coco the Crocodile is a new animatronic. Coco is the tallest animatronic. He wears a bowtie similar to that of Freddy and Bonnie, but blue colored. He also wears bloe gloves and is always seen with a much smaller Marionette puppet on his left hand. Coco is a member of the main circus along with Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and the others. Besides performing in the circus, he also has his own attraction "Puppet Salon", where he entertains the children with funny jokes along with Marionette. Coco is a crocodile animatronic.
Marionette Marionette looks exactly like in FNAF 2, except it's now much smaller in size and is not made of hard plastic. Marionette now appears in a much smaller size as Coco's puppet companion. However, sometime it will escape from Coco's hand either before or after Coco leaves his starting room. Marionette tends to split from Coco in later nights to help him haunt the player. Marionette is much more agressive in later nights though, and kinda starts being much more active than Coco himself.
Dan Dan is a new animatronic. Dan is the smallest animatronic (he's about the same size as BB in FNAF 2). Dan is the only animatronic that always has his eyes closed. He wears a small red cape, a small red top hat and has two buttons on his belly. Dan is considered by the children to be the cutest animatronic. He is the new member of Freddy's Band as the drummer. Dan is also member of the main circus. Dan is a dog animatronic.
Leo Coming soon Coming soon
Rex Coming soon Coming soon

FNAFC Magician
The Magician

Coming soon Coming soon
Shad Coming soon Coming soon



  • Golden Freddy
  • Withered Toy Animatronics
  • Crying Children
  • Old Marionette

Death Screens

  • Eyeless Freddy
  • Faceless Bonnie
  • Eyeless Foxy
  • Purple Guy




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