Pierré the Lory is one of the quaternary antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy's DX. He's Foxy's parrot.


He starts in Pirate Cove on Foxy's shouder. Should Foxy have left before him, he flies near the room's right side. Once he leaves, he can go trough this rooms: Prize Corner - Game Area - Employees Room - Show Stage - Kitchen - Backstage - Supply Closet - Party Room 3. If he's in Party Room 3, the Player must immediately shine the Flashlight on him for 10 seconds, else he enters the Sewerage Tubing, then the Office. As soon as the Player goes to the Prize Corner camera to wind up the Music Box, Pierré hands down the Monitor and attacks. Once he's in the Sewerage Tubing, he will not retrograde to Party Room 3, and he can even enter the Office while the Player is not using the Monitor. The player can determine if he's in the Office since he can be heard fluttering. If the Player doesn't pull up the monitor to prevent being killed by Pierré, they're put at the risk of being killed by The Puppet unless (s)he can make it until 6 AM. He will not leave the Office once there and doesn't use the Main Hall. His jumpscare includes him flying into the Player while crowing (while holding a black flag with a skull on it and a small portable cannon) until making contact, similarly to Sparky. When he's in any room other than Party Room 3, Sewerage Tubing or The Office, he can be heard repining and saying sentences like "Cróó ! Where's that night guard ! The macaw's go to get him!" and "Ahoy, matey ! The popinjay doesn't backtrack !". He's the only animatronic other than Foxy and the Bare Endoskeleton to speak full sentences (without a distorted voice). He refers to this own species in person (see above sentences). He will not start moving until Night 3 and is the most active animatronic on Night 6.


Pierré looks like a normal macaw, coloured crimson with violet wings. He has an glass eye (an eyepatch on the Sewerage Tubing camera) even though he still has both eyes.


  • Pierré is the single animatronic whose attack is caused by pulling up the Monitor that only attacks when a specific camera is visited, in this case, the Prize Corner.
  • Pierré is the second most dangerous animatronic behind only The Puppet.
  • Pierré appears in the FazQuest games as shopkeeper.

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