Five Nights at Freddys: The Final is the final chapter in the FNaF series. The game was announced on March 18, 2018 and was released officially on December 11, 2018


The gameplay is very similar to TJOC:R expect this has nights, not floors. The player must survive Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Withered Fredbear, Springtrap, Golden Freddy, Nightmare, the Shadow animatronics, and The Puppet. They do so by running away, hiding,shining there flashlight ( Foxy and Shadows are the only ones affected by this), or winding the music box in the game room (to keep The Puppet away). The game has 5 main nights and a 6th special night, as well as a Custom Night.


The game takes place in 2023. You play as the kids brother in his 50s (Mike Schidmt). During the game, you are in a coma, as the spring bonnie suit you won in the auction has bitten your frontal lobe. You play in a nightmare. Most animatronics don't exist, just part of the nightmares. However, your old friend, who was murdered in 1979, Thomas, is real, and is haunting your dreams as The Puppet. At the end of Night 5 you find out Thomas is trying to kill you because you assisted in the murders by Purple Man as the Pink Man. The Shadows are his 2 brothers, assisting him, and Nightmare was his best friend. If you survive Night 6, you wake up. After you got out of the hospital, you go to the police station and admit everything, however once you get in, you die of a Heart Attack. If you beat 10/20 mode on custom night, you find out the cutscenes are the past, and you are in hell.


  • Nightmare is in his unwithered form.
  • Golden Freddy is not an easter egg in this, unlike in most of the FNaF games.
  • The Toy animatronics were teased, but scrapped however, because there were to many characters

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