Five Nights at Freddys: The Final Nights is the prequel to FNAF4. It takes place in Fredbear's Family Diner. There are 5 animatronics coming to get you, Fredbear, Springtrap, Puppet, Fluffin Flufftrap, and Nightmare.



Fredbear starts at Parts and Services, makes his way to the Dining Area, then to the Secondary Hall, then to Cat Cove, then back to the Dining Area, down the West Hall then to the Main Hall, then to your office. Starts on Night 2


Springtrap starts at Parts and Services, then to the East Hall, then to the Main Hall, then to your office. Starts on Night 1


Puppet starts at Supply Closet, cruises up the West Hall, then to the Secondary Hall then to Cat Cove, where he triggers Fluffin Flufftrap to start coming out of Cat Cove, He then goes back to the Secondary Hall, then to the Dining Area, then to the East Hall, then he goes in for the kill. Starts on Night 1

Fluffin Flufftrap

Once Puppet triggered him, he peeks out of Cat Cove and then down the West Hall, then to your office.


Nightmare is the final boss. He starts in the Back Room and then teleports to every location randomly on a timer of 20 seconds.



The Camera Layout

Your Office.

Your office is on the bottom left corner of the camera layout. Only one door, all animatronics come from the Main Hall.

Parts and Services

Parts and Services are were Fredbear and Springtrap spawn.

Dining Area

All animatronics except for FF and Nightmare go here.

Secondary Hall

Contains Cat Cove and East Hall

Cat Cove

FF spawns here.

West Hall

Connected to Main Hall and Secondary Hall

East Hall

Connected to Dining Area and Main Hall

Main Hall

Connects the Supply Closet, East Hall, and Office.

Supply Closet

Puppet spawns here.


Nightmare appears here on Night 5. When you spot him the boss fight begins.


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