This is a fangame idea based off my fanfic:Five Nights at Freddy's:50 Years Later.The game happens before the fic because of the events of the fic.(FNaF 3 didn't happen in this storyline)Also I had to change "Frankie" to "Frina" because there was already a Five Nights at Frankie's


Jim Johnson-Nightguard

Frina Fazbear

Blake the Bunny

Charlie the Chicken

Faith the Pirate Fox

Rusted Freddy Fazbear

Rusted Bonnie the Bunny

Rusted Chica the Chicken

Rusted Foxy the Pirate Fox

Rusted Mangle

Rusted Fredbear/Golden Freddy

Rusted Puppet

Purple Guy/Vincent Jr.


50 Years after the events of Five Nights at Freddy's 1,The original animatronics have rusted and decayed.Fazbear Entertainment replaced them with four new animatronics: Frina Fazbear,Blake the Bunny,Charlie the Chicken and Faith the Pirate Fox and made a new restaurant:Fazbear's Generations,a friendly place for adults and children alike!Their first night guard was Jim Johnson,a loyal,hardworking employee who needed some quick money,who went to work five nights then signed up for one more night(Was he was crazy,brave,stupid or all three?)when he realized someone was making the robots evil during his night shift(Purple Guy Jr.)

Rooms in the Pizzeria

Main Stage:Frina,Blake and Charlie start here and move to their respective paths.Top of the map

Kitchen:Right of stage,Charlie and Chica move through here to get to your office

Backstage/Parts and Services:Freddy,Bonnie,Chica,and Foxy start here,Left of stage

Pirate's Ship:Left of Dining Hall,Faith starts here,Mangle can be seen here rarely

Bathrooms:Right of Dining Hall,Freddy and Frina go through here

Dining Hall:Right of map,All animatronics move through here

Left Hall:Faith,Foxy,Bonnie and Blake move though here,Left of office.Mangle's final location.

Right Hall:Freddy,Frina,Chica and Charlie move though here to get to you

Music Room:Behind the Kitchen,Puppet's start room

Office:Nightguard's room,all animatronics go in here to kill you,Golden Freddy's only visible room

Mangle's Cove:Mangle's spawn,Left of Music Room

Saferoom,Hidden Right of music room,Golden Freddy's Start location

Animatronic Looks

Frina Fazbear:Female black bear,Bow tie and top hat return

Blake the Bunny:Male blue bunny with purple ears,Orange bow tie

Charlie the Chicken:Male yellow chicken,bib that says "It's party time"

Faith the Pirate Fox:Female Red Foxy with Yellow paints,No hook

Rusted Animatronics:All dark grey and black versions of the withered animatronics

Rusted Golden Freddy:Grey,Black and Springtrap-colored

Rusted Puppet:Same as Phantom Puppet

Rusted Mangle:Same as Phantom Mangle but with a full body view(Unlike Fnaf 3)

Second Game Info

I will do a second game if you guys want me to but I will need your animatronic ideas because we are down 5 animatronics:The new models and the Puppet(The second game is after the first and the fanfic)I will also need help designing the map,making pictures and help trying to make the two games available to the public to play.

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