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Five Nights at Frisky's 3:Frisky's Fright

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You have ran into a withered Frisco!

Scroll down to kick it in the nuts!

Good job. Now, keep moving.

You have found Toy Frisky!

He's very unoriginal, so scroll down to avoid eye contact!

Good job.

It is a wild Faded Frisky! Click the link or scroll down. [1]

You managed to get away!

Beware, a sit is Polly's Ice Cream Cone! It is like the cupcake, so it's unoriginal! Scroll down to lick it out of existence!

You ate the cone! However, almost tasted like it was already licked by someone. Figure out why XD

You found old Marley listening to the Pokemon Go song! Run away!

DONT READ THE FOLLOWING If you read all of this, it means that you broke the radio and Old Marley got angry, causing him to kill you. Scroll back up, and avoid eye contact with this message!

Though the song is stuck in your head, you escaped!

You have encountered the Phantom! He is going to eat you! RUN AWAY!!!

You escaped, good job. Now wait until this game becomes good. Okay?

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