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Five Nights at Frisky's:The Unknown Past

Frost Diner

Prang's Freeze World

Five Nights at Frisky's 2:The Prequel

Five Nights at Frisky's:Frisky's Fry


Five Nights at Frisky's 3:Frisky's Fright

Five Nights at Frisky's 4:Nightmares Emerge

(Interactive Creepypasta)Frycat 2

Ella's Diary—You are Here—Five Nights at Frisky's 5:The New Frisky Frycat's 2016

Five Nights at Frisky's 6:The Finale-Coming Soon...


You Are here......

This takes place in February, 2016, in Florida. Frisky's Fright was opened in 2014, got flooded, and that finished it. Then, the fourth game came. Now, the little girl's(Ella's) uncle from FNAF:FC 4 made his own scary animatronics-the killers. He used parts from the Nightmares. He reason he built them is unknown. He is also the new founder. This takes place near SeaWorld, and is a hot spot for those on vacation. The place has many new animatronics. Now, the new ones can be quite Frisky(get it?), but the Killers were a different story. They were made with a secret code of killing people. The uncle perhaps took it to far. They can break down doors, have high speeds, are not able to be stopped by light, and KILL and eat humans. They know it will be a person because of recognition. Even in a costume-they can find you. So while you walk around-you must hide-or you're Frisky food....


Coming the meantime, eat a pizza.

New Ones

The new child-entertaining animatronics may attack people, because they mistake you as a criminal at night. There facial recognition allows them to detect bad people. This glitches out in night mode, Causing them to attack all people. In the game, you just get stunned and knocked to the ground by new ones, letting the killers get to you easier.

New Frisky Frycat

Ne Frisky


He is more different from he Original Frisky Frycat. He is a plain orange, with bright stripes on his sides, which are a peach color. He has a purple nose and green eyes, and a blue hat and bowtie. He holds a microphone in his left hand. He is the newer Frisky Frycat for the brand new an improved Frisky's.


He commonly interacts with children. He might ask things like "Having Fun" or "Enjoying the food?". He sings many songs, and is the leader of his band. He is in the center on stage. He often waves and all that stuff. He becomes active on Night 2. He often follows you around. If you see him, hide in a room. Like most of the normal ones, he will only do a slight attack to get you out of the way, being bait for the killers.

Type: Stage animatronic

New Polly the Parrot Chef


Instead of just Polly the Parrot, he is now called Polly the Parrot Chef. He is red with a shiny yellow beak, white teeth, blue eyes, and yellow feet. He has a chef's hat and wears an apron with the words "YUM YUM!" on it. He also holds a Strawberry Ice Cream Cone with melted Choclate Fudge on top, along with a cherry and sprinkles. OMG I WANNA LICK IT


Polly is a dancer up on stage. While his brother Pete the Parrot serves food, he sings and dances. He claims to be a master chef, and makes amazing food. Often, kids will try to lick his ice cream cone. But they should know it's fake, and is a plastic toy. Besides, they sell a real version of the cone at the Ice Cream Bar for only $1.50. He becomes active on Night 1. He will only do a distraction jumpscare if you walk into him. To keep him away, use your flashlight.

Type:Stage animatronic

Kelly the Cow

Kelly the Cow

Kelly is an animitronic Cow. She is white, has light blue eyes, a pink mouth, hooves for feet, a tail,and black spots. She wears a cowbell necklace around her neck. She replaces Porky, because the new Owners thought she was too dirty. So, they created Kelly the Cow.


She is a musician at Frisky's. She uses her drums as an instrument. She has a more calm voice than Porky, and less loud. Some people like the change, and some don't. She becomes active on night 1. The killers usually follow her to get to you. To keep her away, turn off your light. They couldn't afford Night Vision for her to notice people, so she won't notice you. However, the Killers can still get to you. Also, don't use your flashlight. She will go faster every time you shine your light at her. This means the Killer animatronics can get to you faster.

Type: Stage animatronic

Frank the Falcon


Frank is a brown Falcon animatronic, and has bright peach spots on him. He has a light-brown belly, which too has dark spots on it. He has a mini-mohawk on the back of his head, and also has a yellow beak and two green eyes. He has yellow feet, and stands to the left of Polly the Parrot Chef. He plays a guitar in the band.


Frank is liked by many kids. He is very good with his guitar, and plays it for every song that is sung. Kids often draw him rocking out with his guitar, and kids even make Play Dough heads of him. Parents seem to be ok with him, mostly because he isn't replacing any of the old characters from the other locations. On example of things he does with his guitar is when the animatronics are done singing Happy Birthday to a child, he will play a loud note on his guitar so the end will be more interesting. He moves on Night 2, and usually goes into the kitchen and playroom. He might follow Killer Prang if he's active. He usually stuns you when you're a foot or closer away from him.

Type:Stage Animatronic

New Pungy the Penguin

New Pungy the Penguin

The new Pungy has a dark gray top hat, with a white stripe on it. He has blue eyes and a orange beak. He has a white belly, and most of his face is white. He also had two orange flippers. He wears a red and blue scarf. He is also shorter than all of the other animatronics, and is only 4 feet tall.


He is no longer in a playroom area. He is now up on stage to the right of Kelly the Cow. He is a singer, along with Frisky. A lot of people think he's cute, and he is the who children tend to draw the most. Some adults like the cute design, but think the new design flipped their child hood over. What I mean by this is they want to remember their child hood, and not have it changed. During the night, he sort of protects you. He blocks the killers from getting to you. He appears on Night 2 and forward. Luckily, he usually only follows you.

Type: Stage Animatronic

Aiden the Gamer


Aiden is an animatronic gamer human. For an unknown reason, Corny the Gamer Squirrel was replaced with him. He wears a green shirt, and has red, blue, and yellow squares on it. He has light-brown hair, blue shiny jeans, and black shoes. He also has light-blue eyes. He works in the area known as "Aiden's Arcade".


A lot of parents hate Aiden. Well, actually, I wouldn't say that they hate Aiden himself, but hate the change. They feel as if their childhood memories were like a rubix cube. It nice and enjoyable at first, but then got all mixed up and different. He is a lot like Corny, but more upgraded. He can understand more things, and can identify more things and sayings. He can even recognize children who have already been there before, and came back. The arcade that he's in has over 30 arcade games. There are also 10 games not involving a screen, some being Chesss, Checkers, Pool, Air Hockey, and other fun games. The place also contains a large claw machine. Some kids think that he's creepy, but some like him. During the night, he is the only new animatronic that can kill you. This only happens if you walk up to him. He will bite you in order to do so. He might be doing this because at night, anyone who's detected by him will be attacked. He wasn't yet built to recognize the guard though. Also, his mouth design was inspired Tina.g.sherwin's character, Dylan The Human.

Type: Arcade Animatronic

New Marley the Rapper Monkey


New Marley looks a lot like the Marley from Five Nights at Frisky's 1, but with more swag. He is brown, and has a peach mouth and belly. He ears a blue baseball hat backwards, and also has a green braclet on his left hand and a white one on his right. He wears a golden-bead necklace, and also wears black sunglasses. He also has a long and brown tail, measuring about 1 1/2 feet long. He is the new version if Marley.


He is a rap master. Kids and parents alike crowd in to see him. He can sing over 100 rap songs, and the best part is...none of them are educational! This means no boring stuff that people yak to you EVERY SINGLE DAY. Anyways...he takes five minute breaks and basically poses for pictures. However, Marley has a feature that none of the others have. He has two modes, which are normal mode and controlled mode. In controlled mode, someone controls him. A person named Jackson Ronald. Seem familiar? Anyways, he can interact with kids and chat with them. Also, control mode allows songs from the Internet to be processed into Marley's voice. During the night, he follows Killer Marley. If he attacks you, Killer Marley will be in your view.

Type: Play Area Animatronic

New Fush the Fish


New Fush is a little bit different than the first Fush. He is now light blue, and has two small black eyes. He has a spine of gills running down his back. He stands at about 5.9 feet tall. He is in the Hawaiian Beach play area, which includes an actual swimming pool!


Like Fush from Five Nights at Frisky's 1, 2, and 4, he protects you. If you see a killer, and he's there, you'll be blocked. Then, the killer animatronic will walk away. He appears on Night 1 and forward. However, he can't protect you from killer Fush. During the day, he doesn't sit stationary in the Lifeguard chair all of the time. He often walks around the pool. Also, things work the same as last time. A kid will shout "FUSH! I'M DROWNING!" and a human lifeguard will save the child. The reason you would say it to Fush is because of kids play a game, saying "I'M DROWNING!" would confuse somebody. He also hands out pool toys, and even lets kids play ring toss games. A lot of parents like the new look and thinks it's cute, while some others just think it looks weird.

Type: Pool Animatronic

Feena the Fish

Feena the Fish

Feena is basically a new female version of Fush. She is red, with long gills running down her back. She has pink flippers, and black eyes with yellow eyelashes. She works along with Fush and Ike at the Hawaiian Beach Area at the new Frisky's Fry.


A lot of parents don't like her. This may be because they don't like the idea of a girl Fish, or they just don't like the design. Also, she doesn't even LOOK like a girl. Her role at Frisky's is to walk around the Hawaiian beach and, well, mainly assist Fush. A lot of people say Fush and her are dating. But no, they're just animatronics, and don't even act it anyways. A lot of teenagers draw disturbing pictures of her and Fush. You can already guess some of them are. Anyways...she doesn't protect you like Fush does. But she does toss rings at you. She does this as a defense mechanism against someone who may have broken in. However, she doesn't leave the Hawaiian Beach.

Type: Pool Animatronic

Ivan the Surfer Ibis

Five Nights at Frisky's 5-Ivan the ibis

If you've never seen an Ibis before, here's a picture. Also, I do not own this picture.

Ivan is a white Ibis animatronic. He has light green eyes, and also has a long, orange beak with a black area on the end. He also has most of his face covered in red. He also has two wings, and most of his legs are orange, to. He wears a peach-sea shell necklace. He is a surfer, and carries an orange surfboard with a yellow line in the middle of it. He works at the Hawaiian Beach and serves food at the snack bar.


He is a "cool" surfer dude. His job at the Hawaiian Beach is to serve food. He works at a mini shack called "Ivan's Snack Bar". He doesn't make the food, but he does however serve it. Also, the ends of his wings are special. When people need to pay, he holds out his wing. This is able to detect only real money. Even fake money can be detected. A lot of people seem to like him, especially because he doesn't replace any of the other animatronics. At night, he usually stuns you only when you run into him. He can easily be flashed away.

Cool Fact: When I went to Florida in February, 2015, I saw tons of these birds. This is what now inspired me to make Ivan.

Type: Waiter Animatronic

Bill the Bull


Bill is a black bull. He has two white horns on his head, and has green eyes. In his snout, he wears a golden ring. For his hands and feet, he has dark, black, and hard hooves. He is in the Wild West Playroom, where he tells many stories to children.


Bill tells stories and plays with children in the "Bill's Western Stories" room. He is programmed with over 250 stories, so you'll never get the same one. Some kids say crazy things about him. Some of these include children saying that he's wild, strong, and/or fat. At night, he charges toward you to stun you. However, this can be blocked by pressing an arrow. He usually moves around the dining area.



Pete the Waiter Parrot


Pete is blue, with a yellow belly and bright-green eyes. He has a black beak, and feathers for hands. Like his brother, Polly, he has orange feet. He is a waiter parrot, and as mentioned, he is Polly's brother.


Pete doesn't take orders. He instead serves food. Here's how he works:Pete is controlled by a person, in the same room as Marley. Also, a lot of people seme to like him. In fact, kids often follow him around for some reason. Parents seem to like him too. At night, he moves around the dining area. He for some reason follows killer Frisco.

Type: Waiter Animatronic

Cuddles the Kitten


Cuddles is a kitten animatronic that is in the toddler corner. He's about half the size of a normal animatronic. He has a green nose, pink whiskers, yellow paws, blue eyes, red ears, and a rainbow belly. He also has white teeth, and is a peach color.


Cuddles mostly stands in one place and talks to the toddlers. He also can give them warm hugs. No, literally. Kids can ask him for a hug, and he'll hug the kid. When he does this, his belly increases in temperature. Parents and kids find him really cute. In fact, some older kids might go over there just to warm up with one of his warm hugs. Well, if everyones in Florida, why do they need warmth anyways? Maybe it's the building increasing in temperature? Anyways, he doesn't attack during the night. He just stands there.

Type: Toddler Animatronic

Killer Frisky Frycat

Killer Frisky Frycat

Killer Frisky an orange color, even though he's usually peach. He has several blood stains, and many wrinkles and tears. He is torn in many places, to. He has long, sharp,mane silver claws. He has many brown stripes on the sides of his body, and also has a bright-orange belly. Also, his yellow bow tie hangs down and is oddly shaped for an unknown reason. He also has very sharp, bloody, and long teeth. He has black eyes, along with a bright white core. He sits in the backstage area.


He becomes active on Night 1. He starts from backstage, and maneuvers the hallways and dining area. He is defended of by hinting under a table. If he is in a hallway, turn your light off. Also, if you hide under a table to late, he'll grab you right out and jumpscare you. He'll jump at you everywhere else. He becomes active at 2 AM most times.

Type: Killer Animatronic

Killer Polly the Parrot


Killer Polly is a red Parrot animatronic. He has a sharp, shiny yellow beak, and sharp, bloody teeth. He has two sharp blood -stained slicers for wings, which are obviously deadly. He has yellow feet, which have razor sharp talons on them. His eyes are black, with white in the middle. He also has a few ring-like parts in his eyes. For a closer view of this, please click the picture. Also, unlike his original counterpart, Killer Polly doesn't wear a "YUM YUM!" apron.


Killer Polly first moves on night 3 at 2-4 AM. He often appears in the Dining Area, Office, Kitchen, Hawaiian Beach, You can defend yourself by turning off your flashlight, since Killer Polly doesn't have Night Vision. In the game, he doesn't follow you, but instead does his own thing and walks around. He will only try to attack you if you get to close to him. When keeping your flashlight off on his presence, you must wait 15–20 seconds for him to leave. If you screw up, he'll kill you. He is a reason to keep the other animatronics away, since they can attack while your flashlight is off. He also has two jumpscares. One where he is trying to bite you, and another where he slices you with the blade on his left arm. Just so you know, it's his right from his point of view.

Type: Killer Animatronic

Killer Porky the Pig


Killer Porky is pink, with several brown mud spots around her. She has 1 white eye, and her left eye is a bright yellow. She has blood-stained drills for hands. She also has many cracks, and wires hanging from several places, such as her eyes. She also has a large missing section on her bottom right. She also has a snout, with three nostrils and sharp teeth. She also has a red apple on her shoulder, with sharp teeth and black eyes.


Killer Porky is know to drill through doors to get to you. She is actually more like a "lone wolf", because nobody follows her, and she follows nobody. Except you. She often appears in hallways, and is very deadly. You must actually run from her. If you decide to hide in a room, she will drill through the door to attack you. Her jumpscare is her inching closer to you with her drills on. She also has her mouth wide open in the process.

Killer Corny the Gamer Squirrel


Killer Corny is a brown squirrel antagonist in Five Nights at Frisky's 5. He is a brown squirrel, who wears a blue sweatshirt, has a spiked leather belt across his left shoulder(left from his point of view), and has a brown and bushy tail. He has sharp teeth and claws, with two large, sharp, and golden fromt teeth. He has many tears, which include small ones, and ones that are larger. He is most torn in his stomach area, and is less torn on his face, legs, and arms. He wears a some-what oddly shaped dark red winter hat, and has black eyes with a dark silver ring in them, along with a glowing white pupil. On his right shoulder(right from his point of view), he has an assistant named Pac-Trap. He resembles Pac-Man, yet is much smaller. He is a bright-yellow color, with square, black eyes. He has sharp teeth and also has a metal tongue. He also has small, metal legs, and has three toes for each foot.


Killer Corny starts within the junk room in Aiden's Arcade. He becomes active on Night Three, and he often hides behind arcade machines for a surprise attack. In order to stay safe, don't get close to him. If you do, he'll turn to kill you. Also, believe it or not, Killer Corny is capable of climbing onto and sitting arcade machines for a suprise attack. He, however, can only appear in Aiden's Arcade. But don't think you just have to stay out of Aiden's Arcade on Nights Three and onward. First of all, Corny can leave Aiden's Arcade, but only if he spots you. Second of all, Pac-Trap comes in handy. When you are not in Aiden's Arcade, Pac-Trap will go after you. To protect yourself from him, you must punch him away when he leaps toward you. Here's how it works: You will be alerted of Pac-Trap, but only when your facing his direction. If you can see him, he'll leap at you in slow motion. You must hit him in the curtain spot that the game tells you to hit. This area will have a orange circle bordering it. You must hit him at least 5 times to get him away. If you miss at least three times, you will be killed. This will especially be annoying with the Killers and New animatronics lurking around. Also, here's a cool fact: When Pac-Trap bites your fist from hitting the wrong place, it will appear slightly bloody in your next hit.

Killer Marley the Rapper Monkey

Killer Marley-Five Nights at Frisky's 5

Killer Marley is a black Chimpanzee. Unlike his original counterpart, he doesn't wear any black rapper glasses. He has glowing red eyes, a dark-peach mouth, sharp, bloodstained, and teeth and claws, and two ears with a very dark peach center. His stomach surroundings are covered by hair, and his belly is a peach color. In it, he has a large tear. This tear reaveals part of his enodoskeloten, and has wires hanging from several areas. On his back, he has a long, furry, and black tail. He is very hairy and shaggy, and almost looks like a Sasquatch. Well, sort of. His legs are too torn up. His right leg(right from his point of view)has a large tear on the right side(the right side in his point of view). His has three toes and has sharp "toenails".


Killer Marley appears on Night 1 around 3 AM. He usually moves in the Playroom, Dining Area, Office, and also closets. In order to keep him away from you, you must not look straight into his eyes. If you do, you'll be killed. However, this won't happen instantly. He will leave an area for a minute or so, and then reappear to kill you. However, he can climb walls, tables, and even can jump down at you in the PlayRoom. He does this by pouncing on you from he top of the indoor playground. He also can climb through vents, and so hide in them. He has a total of 5 jump scares. One is for pouncing. One is for a vent leap. One is for a closet. One is a floor leap. One is for a swing attack, in which he flings at you upside down, hanging with his feet from who knows what. He is indeed one of the top 5 most dangerous Killer Characters, probably at #5. Yeah, you heard me, This Nightmare in the form of a monkey is only #5. I guess you're doomed after all...

Killer Prang the Polar Bear

Five Nights at Frisky's 5-Killer Prang the Polar Bear

Killer Prang is a white Polar Bear with a bright blue belly and ears. He also has large, glowing, and yellow eyes. He has a large rip in his stomach, which reveals part of his endo-skeleton. He has sharp teeth with several blood stains. He also has several rips in his arms and legs, which included hanging wires. Around his eyes, he large tears. He has dark paws, along with sharp ice-like bright blue claws. He is also very shaggy and hairy. He has several rips on his face, and also a black nose. He is similar to Prang from Prang's Freeze World.


Prang usually stays in the kitchen. he starts backstage, moves through the dining area, and then hides in the Kitchen. He is able to hide behind the order counter and get you. When he is behind the counter, he wil jumpscare you. He will end up missing you, though, unless you're to close to the counter. You then must run from the counter. If you see him walking, you will have to do the same thing. He appears on Night 2 at 3-5 AM.

Killer Fush the Fish


Killer Fush shares a variety of differences with the regular Fush from Five Nights at Frisky's 1. He is a blue fish, with flippers for hand and feet, plus some gills on his back. However, he for some reason has a belly, which is different shades of black and white. He has rosy red cheecks, sharp teeth, and a red, long eyebrow. He has yellow eyes, along with 2 lime-green "T"s under them. He also has a long metal tongue, and it if wasn't obvious enough, he carries a sharp, metal, and bloodstained axe.


Killer Fush is an antagonist that is first spotted on Night Four. He doesn't have an exact time for an appearance on that night, though. What I'm saying is that he can appear any hour during Night Four. When you see him, you can not escape. What he will do is he will run up to you, and then try to slash you with his metal axe. The slash will come in slow motion, and you will have to click and arrow to dodge the slice with. You will have only three seconds to do this. He will slash five to seven times, and if you've survived, he'll flee. He should only appear once every normal night, but on Night 6, he'll appear twice. On Night Seven, he will appear about four or five times. However, that's only if his AI is twenty. Also, for some reason, The Phantom Death will stop and point his head toward the ground, and then will sit. However, this only happened of he's in sight during the moment.

Killer Frisco the Comedy Cat

KilleFrisco. Enough Said.

Killer Frisco is a killer version of Frisco from Frisco's Comedy Club. For info on that location, click here. He is an orange cat with several brown stripes across his body. He wears a red hat with three gray spikes painted onto them, along with a bright neon blue and yellow stripe painted on the upper part. He has a brown stomach, and his two ears have a blue center. He also wears a dark red bow tie, which has sharp spikes 2 sharp spikes on each end. He has crystal teeth and crystal claws, has a black nose, 4 whiskers, and is lit up from everywhere on the inside. As you can see, he is very similar to Frisky Frycat, and is also similar to the very awesome looking Jack O' animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy's 4:Halloween Edition.


Killer Frisco starts to move on Night 4, usually around 2-4 AM. He will often rest on the stage when all of the new animatronics that once stood on it were gone. What you should do is if you see him, it's best to stay away from the stage. He can not be stopped by anything, so if he attacks you, you're doomed until you die. However, not only that, but he will also know of you if you flash your light at him. The way you must spot him is by looking for his glow. One tip is if he's facing you, you should move away slowly. Since he's focused on you, he will be alert of most of the movements you make.

Killer Jessi the Mouse


Jessi is also from Frisco's Comedy Club. He is lit up with a neon light, and has a yellow light on the end of his purple tail. He wears a yellow t-shirt, which has stains from who knows what. He is gray, and has two large, red ears. He has jade sharp teeth and claws, and a shiny black nose. He has a sharp, shiny bronze spike on the bottom of his chin.


Killer Jessi appears on Night 4. He will be in the bar room. He will hide behind the drink bar, and wait his attack on you. To know if he's there, don't use your light. Look for a neon glow behind the bar. If you see it, you must walk away from the bar. He starts in the drink storage room, so it's best not to go in there. Once he's gone in, you can approach the bar again. If he sees you, he'll try to jump at you from behind the bar. If he misses, he will begin to chase you. When he chases you, here's what will happen:

A timer will appear in the upper left corner of your screen. This will indicate how long it will be until Killer Jessi stops chasing you. He will charge towards you several times, and you will have to use the roll and duck mechanics to survive him. You will use one of those depending on how he charges. You will have three "lives". This means that if you get damaged by him at least three times, he'll kill you. In the end, he will run back into the drink storage room.


Killer Timothy the Tiger

Timothy is an orange tiger, and has a white belly with black stripes. He has a shaggy, white belly, and is missing his right ear(right from his point of veiw-left from the observer's). He had sharp claws and teeth which are made of amethyst. He is missing his left hand(left from his point of veiw-right from the observer's). His left(left from his point of veiw)eye has a light-blue glow to it, while the other isn't there. One of the most notible features is that his legs are bare endo-skeleton.


Meep. Meep. Meep. Meep.(a.k.a cricket noises)

That cricket is right, you know. Timothy literally just sits backstage and does nothing. He can't attack-he can't even move. However, he plays a massive part in the game.

If you'd like, you can post theories about his role in the comments below.

Killer Pitch-Black Polly


Killer Pitch-Black Polly is the Killer version of Pitch-Black Polly. He has gold feathers on his cheeks and around his glowing eyes. His beak and feet are a golden-yellow color. He is all black, and blends in well with the dark. He has sharp red teeth and talons, plus two small and sharp red needles on the ends of his large, black wings.


He first appears on Night 4, around 2-5 AM. He moves from the Scrap Room to where you are. He slowly will follow you, and you must use a different mechanic to get him away. You must use your red light. This is a tiny flashlight with a more faint and smaller flash. However, this somehow freezes him. When he appears, shine the red light at him for 10 seconds. He should stop moving and "turn off." Also, you can't see him with your regular flashlight. Hm, I wonder how that's even possible...either way, he is only visible with the red light, or even worse, his attack. Now, if you can't shine the red light, there still is a way to survive.

When the attack begins, you'll see his beak close down on you in slow motion. You must dodge this attack, and then you can try to make it through. You will have three health blocks, and once you're out, you're dead. You will have to keep an eye on him, and if you don't, he can make a hit. Also, no, the red light won't get rid of him. You actually can't use it during attack, mainly because his eyes glow twice as bright when he attacks you.

Pitch-Black Frisco


So dark...

Pitch-Black Frisco is super dark. He's is a darker version of Frisco the Comedy Cat from Five Nights at Frisky's:The Unknown Past. He has a super dark-blue belly, and the rest of him is pitch black. Black eyes. Black Ears. Black Stripes. Black Nose. Black claws. Black Body. Black teeth. Black everything.


He appears on Night 4. He appears mostly in Fush's Beach for some reason. Like Killer Pitch-Black Polly, you're required to use the red light to find him. Another thing that makes him like Pitch-Black Polly is that you will only see him with the red light. That's unless, however, you're jumpscared. He is sneaky and swift, which means he can move to the sides fast with the red light's flash, however, you should really begin to worry about him when you see his black silhouette in front of you. He'll stand in front of you for a good 5–7 seconds until attacking you.

Now, in order to survive him, you must first off know that you should shine him with the red light at least once. If you didn't, you'll die instantly in the attack. So, if you're still alive, here's the next step. You'll fall on the ground after he startles you. You must get back up, and then be ready to dodge his "charge". You will have two "lives" for his attacks. He'll charge at you at least 4 times until running off. Despite him being a pain in the neck, he'll only appear once for every five AI Levels. For example, he'll appear twice if his AI is 10. But remember; the best way to avoid him is by staying away from Fush's Beach, however, this doesn't mean he still can't find you.

Dark Corny


Dark Corny is somewhat similar to Pitch-Black Polly and Frisco, but has more colour. Instead of the standard Corny, Dark Corny is a deep-black colour. He has a sharp, golden spike on his arms, and his hands have long, sharp iron claws that resemble a Birch Tree. He wears a green winter-like hat, which is green instead of the standard Corny's red hat. He has sharp teeth, who which are made of the same material his claws are made of. However, they don't include a Birch Tree look. He has a blue sweatshirt, which is a feature all Corny's versions share. Similar to Killer Corny, he has leather-spike belts on his shoulders. However, akiller Corny has only one, while Dark Corny has two. Dark Corny's eyes are very bright. The brightness of them is nearly equivalent to the light of a powerful flashlight. He has a brown nose, which is quite dark. Similar to Killer Corny, Dark Corny too has an arcade minion. His name is Black-Man.(I thought of Black-Trap, but a Five Nights at Freddy's World enemy was named that.)

Black-Man resembles Pac-Trap, and is a darker version of him. He has sharp white teeth and glowing-white eyes. He has extendable legs, which are made out of a dark-metal. Yes, he looks awesome.


Dark Corny appears in the massive restaurant's biggest room; the Playroom. He starts in the Playroom's Parts/Materials Room. He becomes active on Night 5 at 12 AM. He will usually climb on the playground, and jump down at you. To spot him, you actually must keep the light off. You'll see the glow of his bright, white eyes. Then, use the red light to get him away. Now, if he did attack you, you will still have a chance to survive.

Once he has attacked you at least once, he will begin his move. You have three lives, and must dodge his attacks. You can use the left and right arrow keys to dodge the attacks. Normally, you would use them to run. After ten dodges, he'll leave you alone.

Now, what's the purpose of Black-Man? Well, if you're not in the playroom, Killer Corny will send Black-Man after you. He can scatter to anywhere in the building, and will usually find you. To spot him, look for his bright, white eyes. After he sees you, he'll begin his attack. During it, you will have another 3 lives. Black-Man will extend his legs to leap to you, which is when you do a punch to a highlighted circle. He'll jump at least 15 times before going away. You can do extra damage if he doesn't land on his feet.

Bindo Bat


Who am I?

Bindo Bat is a brown bat, with 4 white sharp teeth and a slim body, which is similar to Phantom Polly'sbody. He has two massive wings, and two pointy ears. He has a sharp, orange claw on each of his wing tips and toes, and also has orange glowing eyes. Despite being covered by the light of his eyes, he has a gray nose.


He appears on Night 5, at 2-3 AM. He, for some reason, wanders through the the gift shop. He starts in the same room as dark Corny, and then make his way over to the gift shop. If you're near him, however, you probably won't see him. He'll often crawl on the ceiling, and if you see a creepy, dark-brown figure on it, it's him. If you don't, he'll attack.

Once his attack takes place, he'll swing down towards you. To stop him, you must use the spray mechanic. With this, you use a spray on him, which stops him. Once he's sprayed, it'll give you time to escape. Always remember, however, the spray can run out. You must use at least 8 sprays to get him away from you, and you have the ability for 72 sprays. That means you can stop him only 9 times. Also, the amount you have will stay the same for each night. For example, if you complete a night with 56 sprays left, you'll have 56 sprays on the next.



What's the opposite of Cuddles?

Shreddy is basically the opposite of Cuddles the Kitten. Instead of being happy dappy, huggable, snugable bundle joy, Shreddy's a blood-craving death-loving killing machine(literally a killing machine). He is a gray color, and has a red rainbow stomach. Unlike Cuddles's rainbow belly, Shreddy's is a bright red, going down to an extremely dark red. He has red, bloodstained sharp teeth, along with sharp, ruby claws. He has brown stripes and black dots over his boday, and also has some dark brown in his ears. He also has bright-orange eyes. He has a pea-green nose, which is very scary if you hate peas. With the jokes aside-he is very dangerous.


Though it's unknown where he starts, Shreddy usually hangs around Cuddles. He appears during Night 4, at any random time. You won't see him, but you'll know when he's coming. You will see Cuddles start to turn blue. He will glow, and then cry. Water will leak from his eyes(idk how dough), and his belly will turn red. This is when you'll need to be ready. There are two things you'll have to worry about. I'll go in order.

Cuddles will start saying, "I'm scawed!" since he is supposed to be an immature kitten. Despite not saying the word scared right, you should be scared. Before Shreddy's attack on you, he'll have a match in his hands. He will try to light it, and you'll have to stop him by punching him off of of Cuddles, who he will be standing on. His attack will begin when he's punched off. But, what if you can't stop him? Oh, nothing much. Cuddles will catch on fire, and will kill you within a fiery explosion that occurs after being on fire for too long. That's not bad at all! #sarcasm

Well, if you do survive, you'll have to be prepared. He will jump off of Cuddles, and Cuddles will then turn completely yellow and a fake Dandelion will sprout from his head. Then, the Dandelion will go back in his head and he will being to cry again. My gosh...anyways, back to Shreddy's attack, he will behave similar to Pac-Trap and Black-Man. He will jump at you several times, and you'll have to punch him away in a highlighted spot. You'll have three hearts, and if you hit him 10 times, hell run away. He will be fast, however, so act fast. He'll only appear once per night, so he isn't too much of a big deal.



GlowCat is basically Frisky-but glowing. He Emirates a green light, and is made of a special glow-in-the-dark material. Beilive it or not, he's not even green. He's white, with things within his suit that emirate a green glow. He has striped all over his sides, a black nose, and a top hat and bow tie. Why is he here?

Cool Fact: Want a pet GlowCat? No problem! There are actually scientifically-modified glow-in-the-dark cats! Don't believe me? Look it up.


GlowCat is......mysterious. You see, all he does is follow you around. While not serving any purpose, he's a great companion. If he were to go by you, you would have a source of light without the need of your flashlight; however, he only follows you on a rare occasion.

Well, that was short. in return...GLOWCATZ!!! File:GLOWCATZ.jpeg

The Reptile


The Reptile is a giant green lizard animatronic, with a tan stomach and palms. He has an orange mark near his eye, which is on each side. In each nostril, he has white lights that tell you when he's coming. He has sharp teeth and claws, which are a plain white. He is very scaly, and feels rough, too. He is slightly taller and wider than all the other animatronics, standing at 8 feet tall. He has yellow eyes, which are the shape of half-a-circle. He appears on Night 5, and also a custom challenge.


The Reptile appears on Night 5 and following, and also appears in the Reptillian Challenge. You can tell if he's coming or not from the two lights in his nostrils. He is aware of you from farther distances, so he's harder to escape from. If he begins to attack you, don't let him get on you. Unlike the other Killers, he can get you in just one shot. Then, he slowly swallows you whole, only to be shocked and torn by metallic hardware. To get him away, well, uhhhh.......

Run. Sure, your chance of making it is slight, but it's possible. Tip: Running on high places helps, even though he can still climb, and his good friend Killer Marley is waiting. HOLD IT SOMETHING COOL HAPPENS

If these two meet, they'll for some reason fight each other. One will try to knock one or the other off the play area, or if they're on the ground, just tear each other apart. If you interfere with this, you could get damaged from the two fighting. They might be fighting over you, or for another reason...

Reptillian Run

This is a survival challenge. What you must do is activate three levers, which activate three vent seals. No, seals don't live in air vents. I mean that they activate openings to get through the vents, out of the building. Meanwhile, The Reptile will be after you. The reward will be a trophy of The Reptile+An animatronic scanner, to detect all the animatronics and where they are. These can be used on custom nights, but you won't gain any prizes.


The levers and vents aren't canon to the storyline; rather a fun challenge, inspired by TJOC:R.


Based off of Candy Crush Dude's One Week at Star's!

It was told over mpacaifre

MindCat is a disembodied cat head, supposedly of someone. It has yellow eyes, and colorful static glitch-like marks over its face. It has 2 sharp red horns, and two tuffs on each of its sides. It has a blue nose, with several whiskers sticking out near it. It has several sets of sharp teeth, used for stuff that won't be a good help for better sleep. It also has two larger teeth on each side of the top section of its mouth, which are black. It has a dim light glowing around it, with a rather bright orange light above it.


MindCat only appears in one custom challenge:Controlled. Here, MindCat can "hack" into your brain, and literally control your mind. To escape it, try and move your head around rapidly in several directions to get it out. It also won't come towards you as fast if you don't shine your light at it. If you see it, don't stare for more than a second. Also, keep your light off. Only listen for noises, like its disembodied head darting towards you.


In this challenge, you start by waking up after taking tons of pills. You then get up, and try to get out of the building. However, you start to feel wierd and out of shape. You need to getmto the door without fainting. Your chance of fainting increases with MindCat in you. To stop, keep slow, and stop every now and then. If you complete this, you can unlock the MindCat trophy and minigame. In the minigame, you must soar through space, without getting hit by rocks. All you have to do is beat your high score!

The NightPhantom


Big. Bright. Blue. Furious. Horrific. Children must run...

No one knows. For many years, we've been here. We remained strong. We remained sharp. We remained furious. We were lost. We found shelter. We need to find her, maybe she knows. She may know. We need her direction. That's why we must end her. And to her, join us. Join us. Join us. But maybe, our head commander can throw you a clue. A secret. Always use the symbols. They will guide you. All you must do is think. Contemplate. Brainstorm. Use the power and energy that was given to you, dominant. Think. Contemplate. All you need to think. Find the code. Discover what I'm not telling you. Open my locked chest of secrets and mystery. Do it, young child.





. sdjfkrifkrrogkamvjoqkmvirkvmfifmfivormwamcn

djfjejefjeiwomviapmviriwakcnsofjriwkfndkdjeht .

. odjedhjdjdjdjdjdjejsjdmwpwmfjskamdkwkamci

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. ysjdjsjdoskdksksdiamdoaondjandjamdisjdism

Puzzle Hint:^s and Vs mean up or down.

Custom Challenges

You can add one, too! This section is open to the public.

Farm Life

Active:Kelly, Killer Porky, New Frisky, Killer Frisky, and Killeer Frisco. Objective:Collect 8 pizza boxes while avoiding the animatronics. Reward:Kelly trophy+The ability to have the color of your flashlight be yellow.

Aqua Rampage

Active:New Fush, Feena, Ivan, New Pungy, Killer Prang, Killer Fush Objective:Find 10 seashell necklaces while surviving the animatronics. Reward:Blue Fush Trophy+Water Dodge. Objective:You start in the middle of a water route. You can play as any of the characters from Aqua Rampage challenge. Anyways, on each side of you, you can steer to avoid getting hit by other speedboats, hence the name, "Water Dodge".

Not Quite Pets(Requested by NyanKittyKat)

Active:New Frisky, New Polly, New Fush, Feena, Pete, Cuddles, Killer Frisky, Killer Polly, Killer Frisco, Killer Jessi, Shreddy, Killer Pitch-Black Polly, and Killer Pitch-Black Frisco.

Objective:Click each animatronic once.

Reward:An in-game iPod, which can play audio from any video on YouTube+New Frisky Trophy+The Killers Awaken

Objective:You are in the Frisky's Fry parking lot, either playing as a New or Killer animatronic. If you're a new animatronic, dodge the Killers. If you're a Killer, attack all the new ones.

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