Five Nights at Gamer Guy's is an FN@F game made by Emerald CustomStuff


Welcome to Gamer's Pizza a magical place where anyone can be a kid!!! You are the Guard; Landon Kingsland. You must watch the resteraunt and make sure nothing happens in the frame of 6 hours. Gamer and his friends will move around and try to stop you. Be careful and take care of the place.



  • Landon Kingsland (Brother of Lindsay Kingsland)
  • Jeremy Fitzgerald (Unlocked after beating Night 5 with Landon)
  • Mike Schmidt (Unlocked after beating Night 5 and 6 with Jeremy)



Show Stage

Everyone except Amine starts here. They will all start moving when they activate during the night


Amine starts here. Also Gamer Guy and Amna move through here.


Night 1


"Hey.. Buddy, this is Jeremy here, sorry for making you do this... you are just an intern after all. Anyways, Umm..... Oh Yeah! If you've recieved speculation of the place before, you've heard that the characters move around at night... This is true. But they shouldn't be a problem since they have advanced servos now. They can detect a tresspasser from miles away. It's in their servos. They probably will mistake you for a tresspasser but you shouldn't worry though. You've got doors, lights, and a walkie talkie so, what could go wrong! Anyways i'll talk to you tomorrow night, if I can... anyways see ya later *disconnects*"

Elijah and Amna will be active on this night but they'll only move around a tiny bit.

More will be added soon

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