Five Nights at Gamer Guy's FunZone is a game made by User:Theminecraftkid1221.


Gamer Guy

Gamer Guy starts in Studio A, he is the second animatronic there (Doctor Woof hides behind the curtain). He will move if you neglect the Studio A camera.


Studio A --> Studio B --> Stage Left --> Stage Right --> Storage Room --> Prize Counter --> Arcade Room A --> Air Vent --> Office

Gwen the Bunny

Gwen starts on Center Stage, with B-ball Bear and Crunch John. She will move if the Center Stage camera is neglected.


Movement is Random

B-ball Bear

B-ball Bear starts on Center Stage. He will move if Neglected.


Center Stage --> Stage Left --> Arcade Room A --> Buffet Counter --> Prize Counter --> Hallway --> Office

Crunch John

Crunch John starts on Center Stage, he will move if neglected.


Movement is Random

Doctor Woof

Doctor Woof hides behind the curtain in Studio A. He will move if he is checked too frequently (he hates being looked at).


Studio A curtain --> Storage --> Hallway --> Office

1970s Gamer Guy (Jammin' Joe)

Jammin Joe starts in Storage. He will move if the Music Box stops playing.


Storage --> Hallway --> Office

Beach Wolf

Beach Wolf starts on Stage Right. He will move if neglected


Movement is Random


Studio A

This is where Gamer Guy and Doctor Woof start. Crunch John and Gwen come through here.

Studio B

This is where birthdays are held, Studio is right beside Studio A. Gamer Guy, Gwen, Crunch, and Beach Wolf come through here.

Center Stage

This is where Gwen, Crunch, and B-ball Bear start. This is also where Shows are Held. Beach Wolf will occasionally come through here.

Stage Left

This is where Beach Wolf starts. Everyone except for Jammin Joe and Doctor Wolf comes through here.

Stage Right

Gamer Guy comes through here.

Sound Files


Gamer Guy

more will be added soon

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