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Five Nights at Hyper's
Game Information
Engine Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Developer Hyper and Riba Aduraice
Genre Horror
Release date(s) Unknown
Download(s) Unknown
Port of Windows
Proceeded by Five Nights at Hyper's: Prelude
Followed by Five Nights at Hyper's 2

Five Nights at Hyper's is a FNaF Minecraft Style game, taking place in a fictional place called Hyper's and Jennifer's Burgeria, west Texas, US, 2040's. The game itself gained a small spin-off called Two Nights at Hyper's what takes place in the 90's.

About the animatronics

Hyper is a green creeper like animatronic wearing a tuxedo and is standing on the stage with Jennifer and Andy/Andrew. Hyper got his own "golden" self called Forgotten Hyper who was known as Aquamilantce back in 1918.

Jennifer is a female girl animatronic who is the part of Andy's Show. She stands on the stage with Hyper and Andrew. If taken to original FNaF 1, she's the Bonnie character.

Andrew or just called Andy, is the 3rd character from the main stage. He's the Chica character if taken to FNaF 1 movement set. He wears a blue tuxedo.

Ethan is an animatronic starting on his own stage, if taken into FNaF 1 movement set, he's Foxy.

Any details about Forgotten Hyper are unknown but it is confirmed that his name is Aquamilantce or just Aqua in FNaH: Epilouge, a sequel to FNaH 3: Final Chapter.

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