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A teaser image showing us "The Decommissioned"


Teaser that shows us a "music box demon"... Hmmmm... Better wind that music box, you don't want that "THING" to come at you.

Five Nights at Hyper's
Game Information
Engine Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Developer The UltimateUtopia Gaming Team
Release date(s) Unknown
Download(s) Unknown
Port of Windows
Proceeded by
Followed by

Five Nights at Hyper's was an upcoming game before recent cancellation. It later got replaced with Six Shifts at Alendro's 1.

-Phone Calls-

Night 1

Umm, hello? Oh, hi. So welcome to your new and exciting job at Hyper's Arcade and Diner. I will be your guide for these few weeks. So the animatronics are... well... "recreations" of the original one who are Fredbear, Freddy, Chica, Plushtrap and Springbonnie. These animatronics don't exist in these times. Fredbear's was closed down two days ago. Your main defence is mask, flashlight and a very faulty door. Also you might want to keep eye on The Decommissioned because he tends to move very fast and mask, flashlight nor door affects him. He is very old and he's the first model of Fredbear. He was created in year 1981 and he is... dangerous. Anyways, when i have some free time then i will call you. Bye.

Night 5


Brighten this image up if you can and you see the room. "Teaser 3"

Hi. So i decided to call you today because i didn't had much time. Remember one thing: There is another animatronic created by this shady company. Her name is Toy Chica. She is stored way back into the storage room. She will be activated tonight. Ok, I will leave you to it. Talk to you tommorow.

Night 6

Ummmm... just finish your shift. Toy Chica killed 9 young children in the Party Room camera feed. You can see blood in that room still because... Wait... What was that? OH SHIIIII- static and call ends-

Game might be coming out in mid- 2016 or early 2017. There will be two sequels coming very soon.

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