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Five Nights at Hyper's 2 is upcoming sequel to Five Nights at Hyper's. It takes place in Hyper's Pizzaria and it's year 2001. The managment decided to open the pizzaria again. This time the location is better and bigger. It has got: Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Hyper the Bear himself with his second friends James the Cat and Goldy the Cat. These animatronics are very hostile during the nighttime so you have got five doors to close.

-Phone Calls-

Night 1

Hello? Oh, hi. So welcome to Hyper's Pizzaria. This location was built just few weeks ago and i decided to give you some calls and i am going to be here for 2-3 nights with you. So yeah, Hyper's Pizzaria. Very shady location from the past. We replaced the older animatronics and rebuilt them except Hyper but Jordan and Crystal are now brand-new. Okay, Freddy and his friends tend to wander around the location when it is the "night time". Ummm... Hyper, James and Goldy doesn't move yet. James is a cat who likes to help Foxy in the day time. Goldy accepts the guests and lets them out. Hyper with Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica are thrown into the back room. Hyper is in decayed and tattered state. He hates to be in the darkness so when he moves then close all the doors. Anyway, good night.

Night 4

Hi. I have some bad news. All the animatronics are VERY aggresive so we are going to take the location down soon. I don -static and call ends-

Night 5

-static and message in backwards-ezirp ruoy teg uoy dna yap lliw uoy ,uoy teg lliw I. Reversed:"I will get you, you will pay and you will get your prize."

The game has last sequel coming soon.

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