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Five Nights at Jeff's is a joke page, which means it's not meant to be taken seriously at all. Joke pages are typically silly dumb ideas that'd never work or ideas that aren't meant to be taken seriously at all

Five Nights at Jeff's is a game being created April 20, 2028. It was originally planned by Bananana Potaato.



Jeff is a weird, spooky, demonic spider thing. He has a small top hat that is just like Toy Freddy's. He appeared in the first, fourth and ninth teasers. He is said to be a more greyish colour in the prequel, Five Nights at Jeff's 2.


Buzz is a green and blue bird who has a striped body and spotty legs. He was originally based off Bananana Potaato's favourite hand puppet. He appeared in the second, third and ninth teasers. He is the Bonnie of FNAJ.


Ducky is a duckling who is yellow and wears a red Christmas hat. She also wears a white and red scarf. She appears in the fifth and ninth teasers. She is the Chica of FNAJ.

The Cat

The Cat is a turquoise cat who appears mainly on Night 3. She hides in Party Room 1 and comes out if you don't watch her too much. She can come out of Party Room 1 if you watch her too much. She only appeared in the eighth and ninth teasers. She is the Foxy of FNAJ.

Golden Jeff

Golden Jeff is a golden tarantula who appears on Night 3. Unlike Golden Freddy, he uses the door instead of teleporting into your office. He is the Golden Freddy of FNAJ.

Night 2

This night is still easy, although Ducky will move at 5 AM. Buzz still moves, and very rarely, The Cat will move.

Night 3

This night is trickier than the others. The Cat moves more often, and Golden Jeff starts to appear. Buzz and Ducky move a lot more.

Night 6

Custom Night

More to be added soon.


More to be added soon.


- The Cat was originally Pinkie Pie from MLP:FiM. Bananana Potaato scrapped this idea because she had lost interest in MLP and thought her idea was a little immature.

- Jeff used to be a tarantula, but Bananana used this idea for Golden Jeff instead. She then made Jeff a spider (although tarantulas can be counted as spiders).

Release Info

More to be added soon.