"YOU CAN'T ESCAPE" ~ The Corrupted Computer


A game where you play in an abandoned horror attraction, this is not like fazbears fright, and at first looks like some sort of dollhouse.. but it honestly really is a horror attraction.. anyways, the animatronics aren't that active, as most of them are just "easter eggs", or things that you do not expect, the main characters get active on later nights and such, the first night you just take a look around the place, etc... nothing much to it.


Not What He Seems

A huge life-size wooden doll thing mannequin, its name is not its real name, but the only reference of its name is a paper you can find in Horror Room C in the bag, its just a picture of him that says "not what he seems", people have speculated it is its name, it walks around the place slowly but surely, once it gets close to you though it goes extremely fast, and if it catches you, the screen instantly turns black, and a few seconds later brutal smashing, or crushing of a human body is heard, resulting in a game over.


A little girl animatronic that looks suprisingly realistic-ish, although metal parts and rips on her suit are seen, she carries a bloody knife, and is extremely fast, she travels in every room, like "not what he seems", she looks a bit identical to the little sisters from Bioshock, and whenever she catches you, the screen will turn black, and stabbing is heard, resulting in a game over.

[YOU CAN ADD YOUR OWN CHARACTERS: Just leave a comment below, and if I accept it, you can add it!]

Easter Eggs

Work In Progress

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