Five Nights at Luigi's Mansion's 2 is a fangame created by LincolnDisaster19 bassed off in Luigi's Mansion 1 and 2 and Five Nights at Freddy's 3 and 4. This it's the second game in the FNALM series, Five Nights at Luigi's Mansion's being the first one.


Hello ERROR welcome to your new home, a brand new mansion inside Boo Forests, with all your family, even with your strange-pig looking aunt. Yeah, that's kinda weird. My name is Profesor E.Gadd, the former owner of the mansion, I will be your guide through all of this halls and scary rooms. And... If you see some blue people with yellow or white eyes peeking in the halls, the door or... I don't know, look this job it's killing me. Just hide in the studio. Well, have a good eternity.


The gameplay it's similar to FNaF 4, ONaF 2 and FNaF 3, the mechanics are this.

Hallway door.

Close it if you watch someone peeking over there.


If an animatronic peeks in the door or appears in a book, an insanity bar will start to fill up, if the bar fills up completely, you will need to turn on a turntable that will play a opera version of "Join us for a bite". The batery of the turntable can expire, so you need to fix it. This mechanic it's based on the Fazbear's Return series.

Technician's habilities (?).

A tablet that restarts the turntable.

The Books.

The books are like the haunted paintings in the previous game, but this time. The books are like a "teleport door" because in this books will appear and if you don't close the book. The ghosts will jumpscare you, the3rrre are two books.






Biff Atlas
Biff Atlas
Biff Atlas, an unknowed ghost that likes to get buff, he appears in the REC room, he is obviously a bodybuilder. The reason of why Biff Atlas it's here it's unknowed, it's most believed to form part of the ghost group of the first game. Biff Atlas actives in night 2, he starts in the REC room, after that he goes to the Courtiyard, pass through the hole hallway, gets to the foyer and goes to the studio upstairs.
Miss Petunia
Miss Petunia Gold
Oh god, this thing it's really familiar to me, maybe for...Someone named... Larry? Lincoln? Lu...Lucas! Mr Lucas!. Well, Mis Petunia it's "the bathing beuty". She is like a human... Pig? I don't know dude, im tired. Miss Petunia actives in night 1. In the bathroom. Miss Petunia teleports arround the map constantly, this it's the list of locations:
  • Bathroom
  • Dinning Room (pose 1)
  • Dinning Room (pose 2)
  • Graveyard
  • Right Book

If the player doesn't close the book Miss Petunia will jumpscare him.

Nana Silver
The spoiled granny, one of the most annoying animatronics in the game, Nana it's that kind of granny that instead of pinching the cheeks, rip off your cheeks. Be carefull with her. Nana actives at night 1 at Nana's room, after that, she goes to the Washroom, then to the bathroom, the Warder room, the afteroom and finally (out of camera) pass through the parlor and goes to the studio and peeks in the door, if the player doesn't close the door, Nana will jumpscare him.
Greenie it's an unknow spirit similar to a pickle that wanders in the mansion. Greenie it's the counterpart of Ballon Boy, if greenie it's in the room. He will call Poltergeist. Greenie actives at night 3, he starts in the graveyard, the he teleports to Nana's room, then he teleports to the REC room, then to the foyer and finally appears in the book. If the player doesn't close the book, Greenie will call Poltergeist.
Poltergeist it's an unknow creature that can be summoned by Greenie. Poltergeist it's very mysterious and lives in an alternate plane of reality, Poltergeist stays in the mansion for an unknowed reson, it seems to have a strange relation with King Boo. Poltergeist actives at night 5 he teleports ramdonly to your office and you have to put the turntable or you will die of insanity being jumpscared by him. Poltergeist also can be summoded by Greenie if he enters in the studio.
Jarvis it's a weird ice cream spirit that hides in some jars. Jarvis can not be seen in cameras but he can appear in the books and peek in the doors. Jarvis it's the more rare ghost to found. It's very similar to bERROROoGERRORmIRRORe Jarvis actives at night 4, he can ramdomly appear in the books or the door, if the player doesn't close this places, Jarvis will jumpscare you.
Uncle Grimmily
Uncle Grimmly Gold
Uncle Grimly it's not longer an allucination, cause in this game, Uncle Grimmily it's an actual ghost. Uncle Grimmily works as a distraction for ERROR appearing in various cameras and teleporting into your office. Uncle Grimmily actives at night 4, his behavior is similar to Freddy Fazbear in the first game, Uncle Grimmly makes a stroll through various rooms in this order:
  • Foyer
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry Room
  • Graveyard
  • Billar room
  • The office

Uncle Grimmily can be avoided by looking at the books and ingnoring him, then, he just probably will go.

Shivers Gold
Shiver it's very annoying. Shivers it's a very fast ghost that works like Lydia from the first game, Shivers can be easily avoided by closing the door, but he will try to catch you at least one time for one hour, Shivers actives at night 2, he runs throughg the following places:
  • Butler's room
  • 1st floor hallway
  • Foyer

Then he gets to the studio and you will have to close the door.

Spooky it's a ghost dog... Weird, it looks similar to Miss Petunia, he likes to bite bones. The bones that he likes to bite most it's the bones of skeletons of DESPECTIVES HUMANS RESTS THAT LAYS IN THE BONEYARD. Spooky actives at night 3, he starts in the boneyard, then goes to the kitchen, the laundry room, the foyer and appears at the right book of the offce.
King Boo's appearance in Luigi's Mansion-0
ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR .exe actives at night 5, he appears exactly like Golden Freddy, appears ramdomly when you low the monitor, if you want to save yourself, you have to type ERROR in the keyboard.
hE'S coMiNG He appears in the office like Shadow Bonnie and crashs the game. This hallucination can be seen in night 4 and night 6.
The PR1K6L
ERROR Just like Bogmire.


Night 1.

Well hello?. Hello hello? welcome you lucky ramdom guy! you win a mansion for you and for your hole family! Now you can watch horror movies in the studio and just in the studio! hey! I didn't presented myself! my name is Profesor Elvin Eggadd, i study the paranormal events that happens in this man-... In the mushroom kingdom. Hey mr ERROR. Do you heared about King Boo? it's an old legend that my father told me when I was little, people say that he infiltred in houses and kill all the persons that they were there. Such a tragedy you kno? A KILLER! Well, you have a turntable to... You know, put music. Also you have some books to read, people told me that you like books. Meh, anyway. Read it or turn the turntable if you start going crazy for the gh... I mean for the precious views in the studio. Bye!

Only Miss Petunnia and Nana are actives this night.


A blue man with some orange parts can be seen walking over a dark forest. When he gets to the mansion, the screen turns black and some screams are heared.

Night 2.

Wow! you are here. I'm surprised you have not left the mansion. Well anyway. How you are? good? great dude! im going to torture a g... Rat that tried to bite Mr Whiskers, my cat. But that's all done. If you know what I mean, anyway. Bye!

Biff Atlas, Miss Petunia, Nana and Shivers are active this night.


The same man can be seen running through a hallway, with Biff Atlas folllowing him with a chainsaw. The man touch ones door and the minigames end with a blood splash.

Night 3.

God damnit! you survived! I can't believed you survived to the g... Bats! yup. Over that mansion, there's bats. Nothing more to care about. Go to the spa, relax dude! CALM DOWN. IM NOT CRAZY. YOU ARE CRAZY. Anyway, bye.

Biff Atlas, Shivers, Nana, Greenie (with poltergeist) and spooky are active this night


Poltergeist it's seen peekin in the foyer's door. Then, Luigi enters in the door and Poltergeist dissapears, the minigame ends there.

Night 4.

Yes, yes, i have fooled him. He it's like an idiot. Yes. We will free him tomorrow so he can complete our experiment along with his family. Yes. Oh, im clever I know. It's a pleasure to work with you mr. Bros, yes. We will bring him tomorrow. And you will tell me why you hate him so much, bye... That was easiest that I think.

All the animatronics expet .exe are active this night.


E.Gadd can be seen breaking the window of the mansion. He advance through the hallway of the master bedroom, the twin's room, the nursery and the studio. The minigame ends there

Night 5.

The hole subjects are united, all of them. Sleeping, huh. Mario, you are so powerfull and innocent. Maybe, that's what I was thinking before meet your real you. Yes, yes. We will kill your brother. Of course, my friend. End of communication... (more deeply voice) ERROR, DO IT, SAVE YOURSELF, I CAN'T DO IT. BUT YOU CAN, DO IT. SAVE YOURSELF, T.Y.P.E ERROR. ERROR DO IT TYPE IT.

All the animatronics are active this night. At the end of the night, Poltergeist jumpscare us duly, then we see the Final Cutscene.

Final Cutscene.

The corps of seven people are quarted in the floor. A short man with moustache hooded pick the bodys and drags them into various rooms. Then he jumps out the window and a knock door can be heared.