"Your worst fear...has been reborn."

Five Nights at Luigi's Mansion: Remastered is a remake of the original page, Five Nights at Luigi's Mansion.


"Mario is missing. For 3 months, the entire Mushroom Kingdom has pondered the vanishing of the popular hero, waiting for him to return from his newest adventure. Usually, his quest's take at least a month when he's alone. Finally, Toadsworth has decided to send a squad of Toads to look for Mario, lead by the plumber's brother, Luigi. Wario and Waluigi also volunteered to help, but only for the money. But, alas, after two weeks, no-one could find Mario. After that, most of the search squad quit. They believed Mario was dead. E. Gadd, however, knew there was one place they never checked: Luigi's old mansion.

With only a Flashlight, camera made by E. Gadd, and his own sanity, Luigi must hide in the bunker of the mansion until he finds out what happened to Mario. Can you survive 5 nights of terror?"


The Bunker

The Bunker acts as the office of the game. There are two doors, a vent, a light, and a camera left by E. Gadd. There is also a clock, which shows how much time is left.

The Camera

There are about 7-8 cams in the mansion, each one showing a specific area of the mansion. Every enemy in the game can appear in at least 1 cam.

The Doors

There are two doors on each side of the room: The left door and the right door. Most enemy's in the game can use the doors. To get rid of anyone trying to enter, close the doors. Just keep in mind you can only close one thing at a time.

The Vent

There are only two enemy's in the game that use the vents. You must check the vents every minute or the enemy inside will kill you.

The Sanity Bar

The Sanity Bar is a bar that keeps track of Luigi's Sanity. The bar will deplete if:

  • You look at a Cam with an enemy in it for more then 5 seconds.
  • Have a enemy outside your door.

If the bar becomes completely empty, you will die. You can, however, replenish it by holding still for 4 seconds.

The Clock

The clock keeps track of the time. A night last's up to 12AM to 6PM. Each hour last's about a minute.


Illusion Mario


​Illusion Wario


​Illusion Waluigi


​Illusion Yoshi


​Illusion Shy Guy


​Nightmare Luigi



​Night 1


​Night 2


​Night 3


​Night 4


​Night 5


​Night 6


​The Final Night


​Custom Night


​Death Minigames


​Easter Eggs/Cheat Codes




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