Five Nights at MLG is my(PMG's)latest fangame.It is set in the year 20MLG and is set in MLG Camp.

Phone Calls

Night 1

Hullo!It's ovah 9000!Here's your problem!You Die!Expect animatronics!MLG!

Night 2

W33D!You might die!Na Na Na Na Na!9000!Frog!MLG!

Night 3

Cumon step it up!Smoke W33D!Wop,Wop,Wop!MLG!

Night 4

I AM GUD!WOW!Much W33D!So Evul!MLG!

Night 5

I die!Hulp!MLG!MLG!MLG!(Smoke W33D everyday in background)


Snoop Dogg:The MLG pro of the gang.Wears white t-shirt,grey cap.grey pants,black boots,MLG glasses and smokes W33D.

Luminarty:The strategy master of the team.Is a green triangle with one eye that smokes W33D.

Mustard:The salesman of the MLG gang.Is a jar of Hellman's mayonaisse.

Sanic:The fast thinker of the gang.Is a badly drawn Sonic that smokes W33D.

Doge:The WOW! man of the team.You all know he is a Shiba Inu surrounded by words.

Vegeta:The Super Saiyan of the gang.You know what he looks like.

Robotnik:The PINGAS master.Looks like a Dr.Eggman with black and red eyes.

Yuda:The old man of the team.Looks like Yoda with MLG glasses.


Snoop Dogg:Jumps at you and dances,accompanied by the chorus of Smoke W33D everyday.

Luminarty:Flies in front of your face,accompanied by the X-files theme.

Mustard:Jumps at you and spurts mayonaisse.

Sanic:Runs to you,garbling something.

Doge:Flies to you,then displays the words WOW!Much guard!So security!

Vegeta:Pops up in front of you,yelling It's ovah 9000!

Robotnik:Pops up,shouting PINGAS! on loop,with the background being rainbow stripes.

Yuda:Flies to you on his mobility disc,saying Use the force.


Cam 01-MLG lounge:A living room with mint wallpaper,having MLG posters all over the walls.Robotnik and Luminarty start here.

Cam 02-Doge's bedroom:A cream colored bedroom with a yellow bed.Doge starts here.

Cam 03-Hellman Meeting:A green room,with a basket containing Mustard.This room has a vent on either side.Mustard starts here.

Cam 04-Speed Streek:A blurry area,possibly New York City.A speed meter saying 9000 is on the left.Sanic and Vegeta start here.

Cam 05-Mountain Dew factory:An abandoned factory,with some green liquid running down some tubes and a conveyor belt.Snoop Dogg starts here.

Cam 06-MLG garden:A garden with green trees and a mountain called Dew in the background.A blue and grey tent is set up.Yuda starts here.


Golden Luminarty:A yellow version of Luminarty,wearing a top hat and bow tie.

Dead Mustard:A black version of Mustard,with blood pouring from the lid and various cracks on his body.

Eyeless:A white animatronic,with a black body and feet,and empty eye sockets.Can possess other animatronics.

Golden Eyeless:A yellow version of Eyeless,with an orange body and feet.Now has white pinprick pupils inside his eye sockets.


  • The game was originally going to be called MLG Dank Off Nights.
  • Eyeless was called Empty-eye as the game progressed.
  • Eyeless is the only non-MLG character in the game.
  • The night guard is called Click Team
  • The place was going to be called Snoop Dogg's Dank Off Place