Five Nights at Monster Maniac's is a fan game created by Vintagegames on, and is based on "Five Nights at Freddy's" created by Scott Cawthon. Like the original FNAF, You play as a night guard watching the cameras of a pizzeria. The nightguard's name is "Rick Simpson", and the pizzeria is named "Monster Maniac's pizza". The game's animatronics are an orange troll named Monster Maniac, a ghost named Gary, and a purple frankenstein named Frankenplank. During the day, Monster Maniac and his friends entertain the children that come to the pizzeria, but at night, they are left free to roam around the pizzeria, specificly to find any endoskeletons without its costume one, (In this case, you) and put them in a Monster Maniac suit in the most brutal way possible. The player's objective is to prevent that from happening and survive intil 6 AM. You've got 2 doors to keep them out and a monitor to watch where they go.


-This game actually had the inspiration from another FnaF fan game "Five Nights At Saddam's".


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