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"Welcome to Moontide's Ice Palace, three floors overflowing with icey fun! Meet our five main animatronics, Slope the Polar Bear, Gypsy the Fox, Jaci the Siberian Tiger, Buddy the Husky, and Moontide the Dragon! Visit our arcade, with over 20 games! Play in Buddy's Pup Pit or get your fortune read at Gypsy's Psychic Tent! Even test out our scary ride, with animatronics salvaged from the fire at Fazbear's Frights! There's so much to do here, you'll never be bored!



  • Slope the Polar Bear
  • Gypsy the Fox
  • Jaci the Siberian Tiger
  • Buddy the Husky
  • Moontide the Dragon
  • Scarlet the Wolf

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