Five Nights at Nightmare's
Game Information
Engine Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Developer Scott Cawthon
Genre Horror
Mode Single-Player
Release date(s) 12/25/15
Port of
Proceeded by
Followed by

Five Nights at Nightmare's is a Five Nights at Freddy's game where You played as a Child in Freddy Fazbear Pizza, but Children and Animatronics have switched, This time The Animatronics have turned into children and children have turned into Animatronics, you where one of survive who you're still alive, but you saw that Nightmare was one who behind it, Your Job is make sure that You Survived and Animatronics Kids survive in Five Nights.


You were in Freddy Fazbear Pizza enjoying your stay because you learned how to be a security guard and you loved the entertainment and the food!, until one hour you we're enjoying learning from the Security Guard, who is your father then Nightmare start morphing the animatronics into Kid Animatronics so you started saving Kid Animatronics instead Real Kids, because The Real Kids are going crazy as you ran off with your New Animatronics friends, as you heard was become animatronic because you're in danger, when you heard that Nightmare speaking to himself you were anger at that point, and said yourself "I'm gonna get REVENGE!".


  • The Stage (Starting Point of these Animatronics: Laura, Ramon, Jones)
  • Activity Room (Starting Point of these Animatronics: Jason, Vienna)
  • Left and Right Restrooms (all of the animatronics can go to Both Restrooms)
  • Video Games Room (Starting Point of an Animatronic: Nightmare
  • Club Room (Starting Point of an Animatronic: James)
  • Left and Right Guard's Hallway (All Animatronics can go Both Hallway)
  • Guard's Office (You will start here)

Animatronics: Soon!

Phone Calls: Soon!

Mechanics: Soon!

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