CAM 1A: Show Stage (Nyan and Cookie's start)

CAM 2A: Dining Room

CAM 2B: Lovebot's Cove (Toy Lovebot's start)

CAM 1B: Backstage (Toy Nyan's and Lovebot's start)

CAM 4: Main Hall

CAM 5A: Left Door Corner

CAM 5B: Right Door Corner

CAM 6: Vent (only Toy Nyan goes through)

CAM 7: Room


Nyan Cat (Main Mascot)

At night

He's evil (duh!) and wants to kill the guard. He can go through both doors. He's the most likely to kill you.




He acts like Freddy in Night 1 of FNaF 1. He is the main animatronic in Nyan Cat's.

Cookie the Cat

At night

She's evil (duh!) and wants to kill the guard. She goes through the right door and can teleport. Cookie Cat is the other main cat.

CookiePusheenFront medium

Cookie Cat


She acts like FNaF 1 Bonnie set to 0 on the custom night. She never hurt anyone.

Lovebot the Robot


She is withered from the kids playing with her. She acts like FNaF 1 Chica set to 0 on the custom night. She now dances, like Nyan.

At night



She goes through the left door but she does it slowly.

Toy Lovebot the Robot


She acts like Foxy from Night 1 of FNaF 1.

At night


The player must keep checking on CAM 2B to prevent her from running from any side, killing you if you don't close the laser door. If you do, she knocks on the plastic covering, draining 1% first, then 5%, then 9%, and on.



Golden Cat-cropped

Golden Nyan

Transparent endoskeleton

Toy lovebot

Toy Nyan the Cat


He is withered from kids playing with him. He acts like Bonnie from Night 2 of FNaF 2. He scares some kids.

At night

He goes through the vent and you have to put a Nyan Head on in time.

Golden Nyan the Cat


Acts like Golden Freddy from Night 2 of FNaF 2. Looks like Nyan but golden. It's also headless.


Make some fan art and put it here!

My next game

Five Nights at Nyan's 2: The Midquel 

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