Five Nights at Penny's is a Five Nights at Freddy's fan game.


Penny The Penguin

Riley The Rabbit

Cutie The Cat

Kenny The Kangaroo

Photo Negative Penny The Penguin

Night 1

Active Animatronics: Riley The Rabbit (Starts moving at 3 am)

Phone Call

H...Hello. Hey! Welcome to Penny's! I worked in that office before you! The animatronics move at night. So what you do is whenever an animatronic is in your room, just put on that Penny mask that we gave you. But be quick. You only have 3 seconds. So be quick. I'm warning you. This night will be very easy. But it will get harder. I'll give you more information tomorrow. Gotta go! BYE!

Night 2

Active Animatronics: Penny The Penguin, Riley The Rabbit and Kenny the Kangaroo.

Phone call

Hey! Well I... more information tonight. This night will be pretty hard. Well, enjoy...ha ha. You know about the Endoskeleton of '92? Well, a damaged endoskeleton was shown to the kids. Wow. Huh?. Just an update The place might have to close in 4 days... so you will take a break, so lucky you, right? For now... just try to survive the night. Bye!

Night 3

Active Animatronics: Penny The Penguin, Riley The Rabbit, Cutie The Cat

Phone call

Hello? Oh HEY! The place will now close later. Kinda busy. Hey, have you seen Cutie The Cat? Well, she won't be fooled by the mask, but just flash the light at her. Well, the company has given you a Penny plushie as a gift. Don't ask why. Just...survive the night...bye.

Night 4

Active Animatronics: Cutie The Cat, Kenny The Kangaroo, Riley The Rabbit, Negitive Penny.

Phone call

[IT'S ME] *Static Feed* O... Ph... o... neg... ive... Pe... y...  Ac... ve.

Night 5

Active Animatronics: Penny The Penguin, Kenny The Kangaroo, Negitive Penny.

Phone call

Never Leave* *Static Feed*

Secret Night 6

Active Animatronics: All

Phone call


Custom Night

Easy (1-5)

Normal (6-10)

Hard (11-15)

Extreme (16-20)


Easy mode

Penny: 5

Riley: 5

Cutie: 5

Kenny: 5

Photo Negitive: 5


Normal mode

Penny: 10

Riley: 10

Cutie: 10

Kenny: 10

Photo Negitive: 10


Nightmare Mode

Penny: 20

Riley: 20


Kenny: 20

Photo Negitive: 20

PLUSHIE: Cutie+Kenny

News Paper Artical

Penny's Looking For Night Guard To Work 12-6 am


Good Ending: 3rd Star, Photo Negitive Penny

Bad Ending: NOTHING...

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