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Five Nights at Penny's 2 (Remake) Is A Remake Of Five Nights at Penny's 2 And Is A Sequel To Five Nights at Penny's (Remake). It Released On December 24, 2015.


Susan Track Has Been Hired For the Night Shift At Penny's Pizza Place. She Has To Work Starting From 12 AM To 6 AM.


Birthday Penny

Birthday Riley

Birthday Cutie

Birthday Kenny

Witherd Penny

Witherd Riley

Witherd Cutie

Witherd Kenny

Phone Calls

Night 1

Hello!?! Hello!?! Oh Hi, My Name Is Penny Axe And I'm To Help You Survive. So These Animatronics Don't Let Them Get To You So If You See Them Just Put On The Mask We Gave You! So Yeah... You'll Be Just Fine! The Old Animatronics Are In The Back Room... Man, We Have Not Used Them For Like... 10 Years Or Something! But Just So Know The Old Guys Were Actually Supposed To Be Used For This Place But...They Killed The Night Guards... So We Decided To Make New Ones! Yeah... So Talk To You Later! Night!

Night 2

Hey! So The New Animatronics Are Really Making The Kids Happy And Some Workers Went To The Previous Pizzaira And They Found This Rusty Old Animatronic We Call Him Rusty And They Also Found Dead Bodies... Strange. But Yeah We Are Working On Rusty. We Are Fixing Him! But That's All! Good Night And Good Bye!

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