Welcome to Pork's Fresh Meaty Playground!


Porky the Pork

Porky is inactive unless you run out of power, until Night 3, where he moves: Show Stage>East Hall>Right Vent. He is the slowest but most agressive. If you dont turn on the lasers when he appears in the Right Vent Camera, he will attack immediately.


Beefy is Porky's buddy who is fast but cant attack the player, so he just disables the right vent camera. But, if you put Beefy on "Servo King" mode in Extra, he will begin to attack, starting from Show Stage>West Hall>Left Vent. He is slow in attacking, so you have about 10 seconds to enable the lasers.

Hot Dawg

Hot Dawg is a trickster who tries to block Porky's appearance so Porky can attack. He is Porky's best friend. To get rid of him, repeatedly click the Burn Button on your back to heat up Hot Dawg. However, when you try to heat him repeatedly, he'll appear in an Ignited state in the hallway, and will attack no matter how much you use the flashlight.

Golden Porky

Put on in the redeeming corner in the Extra menu KINGOFWEST to enable both Scrappy and Golden Porky's hallucination poster in the left vent.


Scrappy is a gigantic bear animatronic that replaces Beefy when you decide to burn Beefy. Scrappy can easily be distracted by the meow.wav noise. He moves from the Show Stage>Hallway>West Hall>Backwall>Office Exit>Left Vent then attack you.

Phone Calls

Night 1-

"Hello? Oh hello! Welcome to your new career at Pork's Fresh Meaty playground! And also, dont judge the small space. The manager was too lazy to make a layout of the place. So... yeah.. Beefy.. and Hot Dawg... they are no harm to anyone, well.. let me get back to Hot Dawg. He gets agitated if you burn him too much, so try not to burn him, like the others d-did, they didnt come back.. to work I mean! I'm not implying they died or anything. And.. please.. BURN.THAT.BEEF.

Night 2

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