Five Nights at Recolor's is a extension of Five Nights at Freddy's that can only be played if Five Nights at Freddy's 1 and 2 are downloaded. This game features many of the recolored animatronics from FNAF World as animatronics.


Meanwhile in a sister location, new kid-friendly animatronics are used instead. These ones with new personalities and appearances.

However, things are still up to something.



Redbear replaces Freddy. He's a red version of Freddy with pinprick white pupils with a white ring around them. He's also missing his right ear.

Redbear is more aggressive than Freddy, and appears after Night 4 instead of Night 3.

White Rabbit

White Rabbit replaces Bonnie. He's a white version of Bonnie with no eyes and no teeth.

White Rabbit is more ghastly and aggressive than Bonnie. You can sometimes see right through him. He only has one position in the Backroom (up close) and twitches in left hall corner on the first night.


Chica is missing in this game because she has no recolor from FNAF World. Every poster and drawing of her is ripped apart.


Lolbit replaces Foxy. She's a white, orange and purple version of Funtime Foxy with no eyes and pinprick pupils.

Lolbit is alot more passive than Foxy, allowing Night 1 to be beaten by doing nothing.


Mendo makes a cameo in the backroom. However, in the trailer of the game, Mendo was replaced by Quad Endo.


DeeDee is a BB clone that appears in this game. Upon getting in your room. she'll deactivate the doors and lure animatronics in quicker. She starts attacking on Night 1.


Tangle is a Mangle clone that sometimes appears out of Byte's Cove after Night 4 when Lolbit is gone. She'll scale the walls and enter through the right hall. Acts similarly to Chica, except when she gets in your room, she'll stay on the ceiling until later jumpscaring you.

Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy is oddly missing from this game. However, doing 1/9/8/7/8/3 or 1/9/8/3/8/7 in Custom Night will cause his jumpscare.


  • Attempting to open this game without Five Nights at Freddy's 2 will remove Tangle and DeeDee.
  • In the games files is a brown recolor of Foxy from FNAF World with no eyes. This has the file name "Hooky".
    • The character Hooky appeared in Tonic's "FNAF57".
  • There's an unused texture for a purple version of Golden Freddy's jumpscare named "PurpleBearScare"
    • This indicates that Shadow Freddy was going to replace Golden Freddy.
  • This is apart of the "Five Nights at Freddy's 1 expansion pack".

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