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<This Fangame is made by Scancewiki>

I am true Edit

Five nights at sabrina's timeline.

<YOU ARE HERE> Five Nights at Sabrina's

You are here... Edit

Newspaper article:

"Sabrina's Pizza Palace is now hiring security guard to work at the night shift. Come on and join Sabrina's Pizza Palace, it's completely safe! $125 a week."

Characters Edit

You have already heard some characters if you have seen FNaG 5

Sabrina the Squirrel Edit

Appearance Edit

Sabrina is a purple squirrel animatronic, wearing a light purple scarf.

Behavior Edit

Sabrina is the main animatronic ever since barge was dismantled, she is active on every night starting from night 2, she is always on the show stage

Tucky the Turtle Edit

Appearance Edit

Tucky is a green turtle animatronic with a darker green shell, wearing a dark blue cap.

Behavior Edit

Tucky is one of the only animatronics who starts being active on night 1. Starting at the show stage.

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