ScribbleMasterer is the Freddy of this fan-game. He begins in night 1. His appearance is similar to the character in the real ScribbleMasterer's Profile Picture. He starts in the Computer Room and makes his way towards the office. However, he can rarely be seen in the parts and service room. His jumpscare is him jumping at you while holding a sword.

Shadow Freddy

Shadow Freddy, The Purple Bear makes his grand return. He begins in night 3. He has the same appearance as his 2nd game design. He starts at the Parts and Service Room and makes his way towards the office. His jumpscare is very similar to Freddy's jumpscare from the 1st game, only it doesn't crash your game.


n00b likes to "d3rp" around with your camera equipment. He begins in night 4. n00b takes his roblox appearance, which is a yellow, cylinder head, yellow, rectangle arms, a blue, square torso and green, rectangle legs. He starts at the BloxCon Fanbase and makes his way towards the office. When he "d3rps" around with your camera equipment, the camera acts like the kitchen camera, but it says, "#r3ktm8". His jumpscare is him grabbing your face and spamming text in it.

Mr. Random

Mr. Random is some kind of guy. His appearance is a stickman. Just a simple... plain... stickman. He starts at night 2. He starts at the Computer Room, peeking out from the computer right after ScribbleMasterer leaves. His pattern is completely unpredictable, thus his name. His jumpscare is just random movements.

Easter Eggs

Golden ScribbleMasterer

Rarely, you can see Golden ScribbleMasterer in the east window without alert. If you see Golden ScribbleMasterer in the window for too long, he crashes your game

The Redman

The Redman can be rarely seen at the west hallway. The redman would soon be an actual antagonist in the 2nd game.

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