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"Welcome to your nightmare"
―Seth in the intro
Five Nights at Seth's 2 is a prequel to the fan game One Week At Seth's that is created by Seth Reuben
FNaS title screen

Welcome back

As a spin-off and a fan game from the original series, Seth and his friends are back with more danger and new features.


Before the events of One Week At Seth's, the animatronics have been dismantled and deactivated. Left to rot for 2 years a night guard has been assigned to watch the fast food restaurant for five nights, little did he know that there is danger that awaits him there.



  • The Player
  • Phone guy
  • Purple Guy
  • Staff
  • Day shift guard (8)
  • Day shift guard (4)



  • As said, this is a prequel to "One Night At Seth's".
  • The intro only shows Seth and Chainsaw, with the other animatronics' heads on the floor.


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