Five Nights at Spongebob's 2 is the Sequel or Prequel to Five Nights at Spongebob's. You play as Jenny Katherine, a paranormal investigator, staying 5 nights at an abandoned restaurant: Spongebob Squarepants's Food and Fun.

Title Theme:

Phone Calls

Night 1: "Hello? Helloooo? Hello Jenny. We're glad you accepted this job, we have heard many reports of paranormal activity at this location. Now in order to stay....well....alive....we've made it so that the building has some power. However, there's not a lot, so try to not lose power. Now the animatronics were the main concern of people. They stated that they tended to move. Now we don't want them getting in your office, so we have solutions to that problem. The animatronics should be driven away by bright lights, so those vents and that door have been rigged to shine very bright lights at the push of a button. There is also a window in that room. You may close that window when you like, however it uses power. Anyways, this is all the information we have for you tonight. Good luck."

Night 2: "Hello? Welcome back, Jenny, good job on surviving. Now, tonight might be a little more difficult than before. You see, the animatronics might be a little more active. There's one in the party room, an animatronic replica of Gary the Snail. Well, we're not certain what he does. He seems to just....stare at people. We don't know why, however Spongebob seems to....skip rooms...when Gary's in the office. Anyways, good luck."

Night 3: "Hello? Jenny? Uh....why are you back? We moved you to another case, you were supposed to go a place with some bear called Freddy....a guy called Fritz was supposed to take your job here.....well anyways, I guess it's too late now...just finish up, okay? Bye."

Night 4: "Well, you're insistent. We honestly thought you'd go to the Freddy's place instead of here...well the place got closed down anyways. So you shouldn't have too much of problem tonight. might. We're not sure, but good- KRABS WHY KRABS WHY KRABS WHY KRABS WHY" [static]

Night 5: "Hello? Sorry about the phone call last night, we don't know what happened. Meh, probably some jerk trying to get a laugh. Anyways, tonight, you should look out, there's a....what...there's....what is that thing? OH GOD! OH MY GOD! NO! NOO-" [static]



  • Unlike the last game, Plankton can kill you in this game.
  • Gary acts somewhat similar to plankton in the first game.
  • Eyeless Spongebob does not appear in this game.
  • Dark Spongebob makes the screen photonegative when he jumpscares you.
    • The reason for this is unknown.

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