Five Nights at Sqeegee's is a fan game about a man named Joey Smith who gets the job at the reopened Sqeegee's Dinner Factory, however what he didn't know will be his true nightmare.


6 years ago, a man named Sqeegee had decided to make a dinner factory. However 2 years later, Sqeegee went missing along with a friend of his during work. 4 years later, the factory was reopened and now has a need of a night guard. Joey was to be the night guard, but during his night shift, the ghost of the people who went missing moves at night, or are they really ghost?


  • Sqeegee

Sqeegee is the main antagonist of the game, he is active on Night 1.

His appearance is just Squidwards body, but his head is Weegees face, in this game he has white eyes.

  • Weegee

Weegee is Sqeegees best friend after TRoS 8 and the main antagonist of the game, he is also active on Night 1.

His appearance is the same, only he has white eyes as well.

  • Malleo

Malleo is Weegees brother, he is active on Night 2.

His appearance is the same, only he has white eyes like the other two.

  • Sanic

Sanic is a fast hedgehog who was investigating the factory before he went missing, he is active on Night 3.

Sanic also has white eyes, but he also has his left hand missing after The Mangled bit his hand.

  • The Mangled

The Mangled is the true antagonist of the game, she is active on Night 5.

No one know what she is, but her apperance is that of Mangle but with blood in her black eyes.


The cameras are a mechanic in the game, it lets the player use the security system. However the cameras uses power. Here are all the rooms:

  • Entrance 1 (Cam 1)
  • Machinery (Cam 2)
  • Bathroom (Cam 3)
  • Office Entry (Cam 4)
  • Entrance 2 (Cam 5)
  • Corridor (Cam 6)
  • Control Room (Cam 7)
  • Control Room Entry (Cam 8)
  • Office


The doors are the main mechanic in the game, they can stop the ghosts from getting in the Office. But they also use power, just like the cameras.


The factory has a limited power supply. The doors and cameras use power. If the power runs out then the player will be vulnerable to Sqeegee.


  • Sqeegee came from The Rise of Sqeegee series.
  • The idea of a factory is similar to Five Nights at Wario's

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