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 Five Nights at Super Stickman's is a Five Nights at Freddy's spin-off which includes stick figure characters trying to kill you.


You play as Night-Guard at Super Stickman Tower, a tower for the Super Stickman Squad, a team of Super Heroes. They've made robots to attack when evil is active. At Night, they believe you are evil, and go for you. They're night mode leave them slightly less powerful.


Multiple animatronics appear ingame.

Super Stickman

Super Stickman is the main and titular antagonist of the game. He is the simplest animatronic, going through all the rooms, and being the simplest to avoid. However, he has a tatic to go backwards. He is a simple stick figure with iconic red eyes and a yellow cape. His arms and legs are built out of two lines. His jumpscare includes him rapidly shaking his head, and biting the player, revealing sharp teeth.

Speed Stickman

Speed Stickman is the secondary antagonist, and the fastest animatronic. He starts with Super Stickman, and goes in a straight dash towards the player. He has a similar design to Super Stickman, but lacks the cape, and instead has a black hat. His jumpscare is him lunging at the player.

Sound Stickman

Sound Stickman is another antagonist in the game. He's the slowest, and you can hear faint music when he moves. When in your location, he makes many noises, before jumpscaring the player. He has yellow headphones, with a orange/yellow beard. His jumpscare is similar to Freddy's from FNaF1, no power out.

Stretchy Stickman

Stretchy Stickman is the fourth antagonist in the game. He has similar speed to Super Stickman. He has black hair with three cirly lines coming from the top. His jumpscare is him simply a lunge.

Devil Stickman

Devil Stickman is apart of the harder antagonist group. He has red horns, and sharp teeth. He doesn't have a start positon, but appears in every room. His jumpscare is a lunge, while biting the player.

Old Super Stickman

Old Super Stickman is a broken down version of Super Stickman. He has various cracks in his head, along with a blue eye. He lacks half of his right arm and has alot of exposed wires. His ripped cape is a shade of green, with a upside-down triangle with a S inside on the middle. Old Super Stickman has a simple pattern, and acts similarly to Super Stickman. His jumpscare is the same. He replaces Super Stickman on later nights after 3AM.