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Five Nights at Toy Chica's : REBORN LIFE is a point-click FNaF fan game developed under Mikeson | Mike. The Story: There was these animatronics called Toy Chica, Lockjaw and Suicide Mouse. These animatronics were meant for the children entertaming but some things happened what nobody wants to talk about. One guy called Jeremy Lethning know about the place and about the animatronics aswell. He takes a video camera and attaches it at his hat. The camera was so small so animatronics didn't see it. The guy stays there for few days... But his nightmares are about to return what he witnessed when he was 9 years old. This was the kid who got bitten by Fredbear and now he seeks revenge...Lethning is SEEKING for the BLOODTHIRSTY REVENGE

Animatronics: Toy Chica; MLGTom79873

Options on Title Screen: New Game; Load Game; The Joy of Creation; 7th April 1986

Options on RL: New Game; Load Game; Revenge; Determination

The Joy of Creation: Play as Scott Cawthon and get into a factory and invistegate it.

7th April 1986: Play as the child who died on that date

Revenge: Play as a criminal, defeating evil prototypes of Fredbear and Springbonnie

Determination: Play as a ghost, trying to defeat Toy Chica in her own game

Easter Eggs: Lockjaw(as a head in the Office room); Suicide Mouse(his laughing can be heard)

Developer: Mikeson | Mike

Dedicated to: Hyper Games and News

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