This is a non-canon fan-made game made by Shadowboy192.


Fazbear Entertainment discovered that the old animatronics were haunted so they disposed of them and re-used the Toys, whoever they still are glitched and the engineers only come next week to fix them.


The gameplay is like a FNAF2 with the FNAF1 environment, the pizzaria had to sell the doors to have enough money to pay semi-professional engineers to fix the toy animatronics and also to rebuild Mangle(which is already done), because of that they give you a Freddy Fazbear Mask to defend yourself with. Even if there are no doors there is still the door lights and like every FNAF game, cameras.You still have a power limit.


Show Stage

Same as in the original game but with the toy animatronics instead. Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica start here.

Dinning Area

Like in the original, it's few differences are the balloons scattered across the area and a poster saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY. BB(or the Enragement Child) starts here. Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica can go here.


Like in the original, but with some toy animatronic parts and the Endoskeleton from FNAF 2 instead of the one from FNAF 1. Toy Chica can go here(Shadow Freddy can sometimes appear here).

Pirate Cove

Has no differences. Toy Foxy starts here.


Has some posters around it but no other differences. Toy Bonnie can go here.


It's malfunctioning like in the original. Toy Bonnie can go here(he will make some noises to show that he is in this room).

Supply Closet

Has no differences. Toy Chica can go here.

East Hallway

Like in the original but with the 3 paper plates from FNAF 2(one of them can go missing and appear in The Office) replacing the posters. Toy Bonnie can go here and Toy Foxy can rush throught it.

East Hall. Corner

Has no differences. Toy Bonnie can go here.

West Hallway

Like in the original but with some posters from Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica and Toy Foxy in the wall, you can also see some balloons from the Dinning Area in the far end of the hallway. Toy Chica and Toy Freddy can go here.

West Hall. Corner

Like in the original, but with Toy Freddy's poster replacing Freddy's poster. Toy Chica, Toy Freddy and BB can go here.

The Office

The place were you are, the only differences from the original is the toy animatronics' poster(the nose still honks) and Toy Chica's cupcake(or Toy Cupcake) replacing the original poster and the original cupcake. Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, Toy Foxy and BB can appear in the blind spots while Toy Freddy just appears inside The Office(Shadow Bonnie and Paper Pal can sometimes appear here too).

Animatronics and their behaviors

Toy Bonnie

He starts in the Show Stage and is the first one to go after you in every night and the only one active in the first night. His routes are: Show Stage==>Dinning Area==>Restrooms==>Kitchen==>East Hall==>East Hall Corner==>The Office's Right Blind Spot. To take care of him you have to flash your door light when he is in the blind spot and then use your mask.He will kill you if you put or are with the camera up when he is at the blind spot.

Toy Chica

She starts in the Show Stage and is the second one to go after you, becomes active for the first time in the second night. Her routes are: Show Stage==>Dinning Area==>Backstage==>West Hall==>Supply Closet==>West Hall Corner==>The Office's Left Blind Spot. To take care of her you have to do the same you do with Toy Bonnie, flash her and then use the mask. Also like Toy Bonnie she will kill you when she is at the blind spot and you're with the camera up.

Toy Freddy

He starts in the Show Stage and only starts becoming active in the third night.His routes are: Show Stage==>Dinning Area==>West Hall==>West Hall Corner==>The Office. Diferently from Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica he doesn't appear in the blind spots, instead he instantly appears in the office when he is at the West Hall Corner and you take off your camera(unless you're watching him), when he is at your office the lights will start blinking and you have some seconds to put your mask or he will kill you.

Toy Foxy/Mangle

This time repaired and called Toy Foxy, it will start at Pirate Cove and when active attacks you from the East Hall. The mask won't fool Toy Foxy because when it got repaired it got a bit twitchy(or how the hell it is written). Just like the original Foxy you have to watch the cameras so Toy Foxy doesn't attack you(since you don't have doors Toy Foxy has more phases than Foxy).

Balloon Boy

The enragement child starts at the Dinning Area and starts to get active in the second night.His routes are: Dinning Area==>West Hall Corner==>The Office's Left Blind Spot. Instead of instantly killing you when you put your camera up he will stay in your office, disable your lights, drain your power and keep laughing at you. To take care of him just do the same you do with Toy Bonnie or Toy Chica, you can also see if he is at your office blind spot by hearing him say hello hi or laugh.

Shadow Bonnie

Is a secret animatronic in the game, he appears in your office randomly after you put your camera down. To make him go away you have to put your camera up and down again, if you don't do it he will fade away and crash your game.

The Puppet/Marionette

It appears when the powers runs out and starts to play his music box and his face starts flashing just like Freddy. Later the music box stops and your office becomes more darker and after some time it jumpscares you. You have a chance to make its music box last longer if you don't move. It can also be seen in some hallucinations in the game.

JJ/Balloon Girl

Will randomly appear in the Dinning Area replacing BB.

Shadow Freddy

Randomly appears at the Backstage, If you are in this camera with him for too long he will crash your game.

Paper Pal

Can be seen in the wall in the East Hall with other paper plates. Will sometimes appear at your office when you put the camera down.

Phone Calls

Night 1

Hello, hello! Hey, that's your first day in the job huh? Well let's get started, I'll explain some things for you. First, we used to have some older models but they got scrapped after the management found out they had some...err... problems...then we utilized the toy animatronics once again. Second, these toy animatronics are going to wander around at night because if they don't their servos are going to lock up, good enough huh? Well there is one thing I have to warn you about...these animatronics...have a glitch in their system, when they see you they will think you're an endoskeleton and then try to...err...stuff you in a Freddy Fazbear suit. That glitch was too hard to fix so we couldn't count on our normal engineers, the only option was to contract semi-professional engineers, but since we are with budget problems we had to sell the iron doors we used to have to get enough money to contract them, but they only are coming in the next week though. Well you can still use the lights and we also gave you a Freddy Fazbear Mask so they don't stuff you in another suit with...err...huh...wires and animatronic parts. Well good luck, see you tomorrow! Bye!

Night 2

Hello! Hello! Well you survived your first night here, that's good for someone who is starting with the job, but don't get too cocky, the animatronics tend to get more active as the nights go on so check the cameras while I talk. Anyway talking about the cameras there's a thing I didn't tell you in your first shift, there's a fox character behind the curtains in Pirate Cove, It used to be all mangled up but when we sold the iron doors we utilized some of the money to fix the character, but with it there were some problems, you see after it was fixed it became the mask won't work on it, though differently from the other characters instead of walking around the location it will come out of Pirate Cove and then rush at The Office by the East Hall if you don't check Pirate Cove too often, so chek it to time to time. Well that's it, bye!

Night 3

Hello! Hello? Hey, you sure like the job don't you? Most employees would've...moved now. Well last night I also forgot to tell you about that balloon guy, didn't I? Well if you are still here by now I think you already know how to deal with him. It's funny how some people think that little guy is an hallucination created by their minds just because I forgot to tell them about him. Well now that we talked enough about him I'll talk about something that i recorded this for in the first place. After we got rid of the old animatronics...strange things started to happen in the pizzeria. Some employees complained about some of their stuff going missing or seeing strange figures for a few seconds, at first the management thought the ones that complained were abit crazy ya' know? But later these events started to happen more and more often. So, If something strange happens...keep that in mind and try to get focused in your shift. Well, bye! Now where did that monitor go...

Night 4

Hello?! Hello! Err...uh...glad you came *footstep noises* back to your...shift. Listen, by now *breathing* the animatronics are really active, so try to get more you don't get stuffed in a suit...i'm really dizzy now...i'm not feeling really well...five figures...they are in front of me...I don't know what they are *running noise*...if you happen to survive...take a look at the backstage...maybe i can hold up- *long screaming*...*glitchy noises*...doog kcul htiw eht tfihs...*glitchy noises*...ytiruces draug...ees uoy txen day...

Night 5

Uoy *glitchy noise* ev'dluoc devivrus eht rehto sthgin, tub won *glitchy noise* uoy ton tsal eromyna! Ew desessop eht syot ecnis nehw yeht koot ruo ''seidob'' yawa! Won *glitchy noises* htiw eseht wen seidob dna ruo ''reviver'' ew lliw yllanif ekat ruo *glitchy noises* egnever...s'ti ruoy tluaf...s'ti ruoy dne...*static*

Note to readers

That's my second page in this wiki! Yeah(audience looks with a bored look)! Anyway if you want to edit this page to add more animatronics, add phone calls, other nights, trivia or just fix misspelled words feel free to.Good bye!

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