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Five Nights at Wither's is a FNaF based game, using users from the wiki which can be added upon request. The game takes place in 2026 in Wither's Paella Parlour.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • You need to survive from 23.00-7.00.
  • Alarm - Use this to scare away animatronics.
  • Gate - Close this to put animatronics to a halt.
  • Skeleton Skull - Put this on your head to trick animatronics.
  • Flashlight: Self-explanatory.
  • Airhorn - Can be blown just for fun.


  • The Office
  • Corridor
  • Main Hall
  • Vent
  • Diner Room
  • Scullery
  • Main Stage
  • Playing Room (i know it sounds weird)
  • Party Room


Withersoul 235

This guy is the main villain of the game, and appears as a Wither (DUH.). He starts on the Main Stage, and takes this path: Main Stage > Party Room > Scullery > Diner Room > Vent/Main Hall/Corridor. He can attack from the Corridor (left), the Vent (right) and the Main Hall (in front of you). He moves erratically, and evades all blindspots. Not even the Flashlight can detect him in the Main Hall. Listen to his screams to detect if he's in any of these rooms. Put on the Skeleton Skull to evade him. He completely ignores the Alarm, and will blast the gate if closed. He moves from Night 3 onwards.


The secondary antagonist, who appears as his OC Tonic ze Hedgefox. He starts on the Main Stage, then goes to: Diner Room > Scullery > Party Room > Vent. Use the alarm to scare him away. He begins moving on Night 2 and ignores the Skeleton Skull.