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NOTE: This is the last FNAY game, so there would be no other sequels like FNAY 5 or something blah blah blah

A sequel to Five Nights at Yandere's 3.


There are nightmares crawling under your dreams! And can you survive at least 5 nights from the twisted YanSim characters?


Nightmare Yandere-Chan

Night Appearance: Night 1

Similarity: Nightmare Freddy

Nightmare Info-Chan

Night Appearance: Night 1

Similarity: Nightmare Bonnie

Nightmare Senpai

Night Appearance: Night 1

Similarity: Nightmare Chica

Nightmare Osana

Night Appearance: Night 2

Similarity: Nightmare Foxy

Nightmare Yandchan

Night Appearance: Night 5

Similarity: Nightmare Fredbear

Dark Nightmare Yandchan

Night Appearance: Night 7

Similarity: Nightmare


Night Appearance: Fun with Plush-Info minigames only

Similarity: Plushtrap

Halloween Edition


Replaced: Nightmare Info-Chan

Similarity: Jack-O-Bonnie


Replaced: Nightmare Senpai

Similarity: Jack-O-Chica

Nightmare Toy Osana

Replaced: Nightmare Osana

Similarity: Nightmare Mangle

Nightmare Teacher

Replaced: Dark Nightmare Yandchan

Similarity: Nightmarionne

Nightmare Pippi Osu

Replaced: Plush-Info

Similarity: Nightmare BB



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