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Doors and Hall Lights

Characters Edit

Monitor Edit

She's like Foxy, but she moves slower. Pirate Cove<West Hall<West Hall Corner<The Office

Power Indicator Edit

He's like Freddy, but only the 2nd one off Show Stage. Show Stage<Dining Area<Restrooms<East Hall

Clock Edit

She's like Chica, but only she's the last one off and she has 2 jumpscares. Show Stage<Kitchen<Restrooms<East Hall

Doors Edit

They're like Bonnie (get it) Also they move like sliding doors. Show Stage<Dining Area<West Hall

Hall Lights Edit

They're like The Puppet, but less time-wasting, don't take all of your time, and have no jumpscare. Prize Corner<Main Hall<The Office

Deaths Edit

They're like the Monitor, but in the Restrooms or sometimes the Kitchen. Kitchen<Restrooms<West Hall

Hallucinations Edit

They're like the Clock, but have weak jumpscares, and take no time, and cry. Kitchen<Restrooms<East Hall<East Hall Corner

Air Vent Lights Edit

They're like Toy Bonnie, but not shiny, and the one who caused the puke of 12. Kitchen<Party Room 3<Right Air Vent

Flashlight Edit

He's Deaths' older brother and lives in the Restrooms. Restrooms<Kitchen<Prize Corner<Right Air Vent

Freddy Fazbear Head Edit

She's Air Vent Lights' older sister and was the puke victim. Prize Corner<Restrooms<Party Room 3<East Hall

Music Box Edit

She's Hall Lights' daughter and the one who caused the puke of 10. Prize Corner<Right Air Vent<Left Air Vent<The Office

Death Minigames Edit

They're Air Vent Lights' cousins. West Hall<Kitchen<Right Air Vent<The Office

Extra Edit

She's Deaths' mother. West Hall<Kitchen<Dining Area<The Office

Tools Edit

Freddy: Uses to blink at the animatronics

Bonnie: Uses this to creep out an animatronic

Foxy: To watch the animatronics.

Phone calls Edit

Night 1: Uh, hello? Welcome to your new winter job at Game Mechanics Pizza Party Pizzeria. I used to be in that office before you, as a night guard. And anyways, you have to check Freddy. If any Game Mechanics are at the doorway, cover the doorway. Yep. Just cover it, and you got it! Anyways, check Foxy for something weird, and sing a song for the Death Minigames. That's all and see you tomorrow!

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