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Five Nights at the Storage Room is a game which people can join to make the game.


Jake Bert

The protagonist of the game, you play as him.

Freddy Fazbear

Missing eye, missing left finger thumb and broken clothing and suit.


Missing hand, missing foot suit and missing shoulders suit along with rips and tears.


Missing lower jaw, missing left head suit cover and suit of hands gone.



It looks like a grey room with a blue desk with a tea and a pencil.

Cam 1

Brown room with pumps.

Cam 2a

Left hall to office. Mangle appears here.

Cam 2b

Right hall to the office.

Cam 3

Large blue room with crates. Freddy starts here.

Cam 4

Wood walls and some metal. Bonnie starts here.

Cam 5a

Left vent to office.

Cam 5b

Right vent to office. Bonnie appears here.

Cam 5c

Center vent to office. Freddy appears here.

Cam 6

Room with a barrel and metal bars.

Cam 7

Black room with blue paint. Freddy and Mangle appear here.

Cam 8

Red room with white stripes on the wall. Bonnie and Freddy appear here. Mangle starts here.



Used to check cameras.

Extra uses

  • There is a button for the vents to seal vents.
  • Shows clock and night.


Prevents animatronics from attacking the player. Press H to hide.

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