Five Nights in The Castle
No One's home....
Some attributes
First For Windows and Mac and iOS
Second Released on 23rd of August
Third Made by Fisharts Co.
Other attributes
Fourth Actually made by WEeGeE I

Five Nights in The Castle is a game featuring Shadow Mario, Gold Mario, and Undead Luigi. MarioVsSonicFan is helping. Teasers will be posted here, Until The page is completed. Things that are known, is that Mario will be playable and cameras will NOT return in this game, instead making it like fnaf 4. Currently there is a trailer Created by South Ferry.



Mario is the character that you play as in FNITC. Mario is stuck in the castle after he heard Peach scream and Shadow Mario, Gold Mario and Undead Luigi are after him. Can he survive or will he not?

Shadow Mario

Shadow Mario is the main antagonist and locked Mario in the castle, Shadow Mario killed Peach, Lakitu, And Luigi.

Gold Mario

Gold Mario is the Second antagonist and helped shadow mario kill the three protagonists.

Undead Luigi

Undead Luigi is the reanimated corpse of Mario's brother, Luigi. He tries to kill you also.

Character Gallery 


Dr. Egad was testing a dream-to-reality device on mario, but mario was having nightmares. The two creatures attacked Egad and killed him, then went to the castle. They popped out of a warp pipe, and saw lakitu. The mario posers killed him, and ran into the castle. They saw luigi, and killed him, then reanimated him. Mario came, and heard peach scream. He went to the bob-ob room, and found peach dead. Mario picked up a flashlight, prepared to survive.


Trailer by Ferry00:58

Trailer by Ferry

Five Nights in The Castle: OFFICIAL TRAILER!

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