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Five Nights in The Castle 2 is the prequel to Five Nights in The Castle, another game by Downtown Freezy


In about a week, Mario and Luigi are going to see Peach. Luigi has a bad feeling, and begins to have nightmares about being attacked by Mario. Throughout the nightmares, he looks for Keys. Eventually, on Night(mare) 6 you have to hide from Shadow Mario. After you survive the night the screen goes black. Then you see Sh. Mario and get jumpscared, setting the stage for the first game.


You play as Luigi, and you must make it to the top of the castle. if you hear footsteps, hide in a Hiding Place. if you see eyes while hiding. GET OUT OF THE HIDING PLACE. you need to get a key to advance rooms. There are 14 rooms in the castle. Each room has a Key, and you get a Key to advance. Room 14 is Peach's throne room.


Mario? - An antagonist who looks like a rather faded form of Mario, hunts down Luigi throughout his nightmares

Shadow Mario - Appears in Night 6, the only night where Luigi is awake. He takes Mario?'s role.

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