Five Nights in Undertale is a crossover FNAF fangame developed by Clickbait Games.It's set in the year 201X and is set at Papyrus' Pastaria


"Looking for a job?Then apply as a nightguard at Papyrus' Pastaria, opened earlier this year.With the pay of $5 per hour, what could go wrong?To apply, phone 1-800-P4PYRU5"

-Newspaper article


Toy Knife(replaced with Real Knife on Night 6)

Use this to protect yourself against the animatronics.If destroyed, takes 5 minutes off the night.


Used to protect yourself against Mettaton EX.

Butterscotch Pie(replaced by Dust of your Enemies on Night 6)

Used to speed up the night(slow it down on Night 6)


  • Papyrus-Freddy Fazbear
  • Sans-Bonnie Bunny
  • Undyne-Chica the Chicken
  • Mettaton EX(replaced with Mettaton NEO on Night 6)-Foxy the Pirate
  • Chara-Golden Freddy


Frisk-Night Guard

Toriel-Phone Girl


Night 1

Phone Call

"Hello?Welcome to Papyrus' Pastaria, human.You will be required to spend five nights here, guarding the place from evil animatronics trying to kill you.With that being said, goodbye"

This night is fairly easy, and nothing really happens.

Active animatronics:

Sans and Undyne

Night 2

Phone Call

"Hello?Welcome back.For the second night, you will be required to watch over Mettaton, as he is now active.Just check on Metta Cove once in a while.With those precautions, goodbye"

This night is only a tad harder than Night 1

Active animatronics:

Sans,Undyne and Mettaton EX

Night 3

Phone Call

"Welcome back, human.You should know that tonight, Papyrus moves.But everything will be fine.Goodbye"

This night is slightly harder than Nights 1 and 2

Active animatronics:

Papyrus, Sans, Undyne and Mettaton EX

Night 4

Phone Call

"Hello?Human, this is your fourth night, so now, Chara should start appearing on a poster outside your office.If that happens, close the door and play dead.Goodbye"

This night is medium, with jumpscares guaranteed.

Active animatronics:

Papyrus, Sans, Undyne, Mettaton EX and Chara

Night 5(Fake Ending)

Phone Call

"Hello?Human, this is your last night here.So, just take care and hope for the best.Goodbye"

This night is second to hardest, with all animatronics active.

Night 6(True Ending)

This night is unlocked if you take the elevator to the private room, rather than turning back and leaving after sending Undyne to the backroom on Night 5.

Phone Call

"It seems you have strode into a restricted area.You will be forced to stay here until the clean-up crew arrive at 6 AM.Just stay safe, and contact me if anything goes wrong.Goodbye"

This night is hardest, with all animatronics active.

After this night, you get the second star on the main menu and have the 2-Star end achieved and unlock the Extras menu.