These are all the endings for Five Nights on the Island

Issac Ending

If your player character was Issac, this is his ending:Issac leaves the office, hoping to step out of the building, when he gets a phone call from an unknown number.Out of nowhere, a hooded figure appeared and pulled a bag over his head and dragged him away.He wakes up in a dark room, and another hooded figure is standing above him.He says "Hello and goodbye, Mr. Issac.I will inject with special drugs.Do not worry, this will not hurt" before jabbing a needle as hard as he can into Issac's neck.The screen then fades to black and the word "The End" will fade in.

Sarah Ending

If your player character was Sarah, this is her ending:Sarah walks out of the office and stands around in the hallway.Suddenly, an animatronic runs up to her and attacks her.She falls down on the floor and the screen fades to black and displays the word "THE END"

Jason Ending

If the character you picked is Jason, this is the ending you will get:Jason walks out of the office and starts getting chased by an animatronic.Luckily, he manages to escape the building and slam the door in the animatronic's face.He then returns to his friends via speedboat and they all go to a cafe together.The screen will then display "The End"

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